Pic Of The Day #1769

After the snow squall…

(Photo/Patricia McMahon)

(Photo/Mark Yurkiw)

(Photo/June Rose Whittaker)

(Photo/Katherine Ross)

One response to “Pic Of The Day #1769

  1. The picture of the log on Compo beach and the question -“did this get here naturally”

    This looks exactly like pieces of an 80 ft tree which fell and was blaocking the Saugatuck river North of Woods Dam. I canoe the river often and when I saw this massive tree, my one thought was that it would eventually break loose and then get stuck on Woods Dam (which happens to be behind my house). I’m the person that clears the debris off the dam every year and when my kids played on the dam, I use to scrub the algea off so they wouldn’t slip. Like a nice clean dam and views it offers….

    My intuiton came true a couple of years later, when the tree finally broke losse and indeed got stranded on Woods dam. It took me many trys and a lot of chain saw work to cut this tree up into peices so it could finally pass down the river. This looks like one of the pieces.

    Never thought it would become a piece of art on Compo Beach. LOL

    To answer the question – Mother nature works in mysterous ways and humans help her out occassionally.