Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Morning

It was another beautiful snowfall.

The snow was light. The right amount fell to make Westport lovely. Yet there was not so much that driveways had to be plowed. The temperature was warm enough for roads to remain clear.

Best of all: Today is Sunday. We really could rest, and enjoy it all.

Beach and Beechwood: It was nearly 60 degrees yesterday. Westporters flocked to Compo Beach . A few even swam. Less than 24 hours later, a blanket of snow covered Jeanine Esposito and Frederic Chiu’s Beechwood grounds. (Photo/Jeanine Esposito)

Winslow Park (Photo/Patricia McMahon)

Woods off Compo (Photo/Claudia Sherwood Servidio)

Lost hat (Photo/Patricia McMahon)



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