Next Week, Newcomers Fall In Love With Westport

It’s been more than 30 years since Diane Parrish was a young mother in Lausanne, Switzerland.

But she still remembers how hard it was moving to a new city for her husband’s job, and how grateful she was for a “Welcome to Lausanne” program at the Commonwealth American Woman’s Club there. She met other women, and learned everything from where to get the best tea, to why the government mandated a specific type of trash bag.

Diane Parrish

Diane moved to Westport more than 30 years ago. She’s very involved in the community, including Greens Farms Church. Recently — speaking with other women about the difficulty of moving here, particularly during a pandemic — she remembered “Welcome to Lausanne.”

Which is why she’s helping organize “Fall in Love With Westport.” The event is next Wednesday (February 16, 10 a.m. Greens Farms Church),

The open house — with coffee, light bites, and childcare — promises “local insight on everything there is to love about Westport.” That ranges from the best food, cultural activities, kids’ camps and recreation (and the best way to sign up for popular programs), to the difference between the transfer station (aka “the dump”) on the Sherwood Island Connector and the yard waste facility on Bayberry Lane.

Diane will be joined by other women who have learned the tricks and quirks of this town. It’s “stuff you wouldn’t find by Googling ‘best pizza,'” she promises.

It’s also a way for people who have felt isolated by the pandemic to meet others. “It’s hard moving to a new community,” Diane notes. “I can’t imagine what it’s like to come here when buildings are closed, and everyone wears masks.”

She and fellow organizers emailed everyone who bought property here within the past 2 years. But all Westporters are welcome. You don’t need to be a newcomer to learn. Or offer suggestions.

Only one topic is off the table: shortcuts for drivers.

Unlike other questions and tips about Westport, there are “waze’ to learn those.

(Registration is requested, to plan for food and childcare; email Park in the rear lot of Greens Farms Church, 71 Hillandale Road; enter through the back door.)

2 responses to “Next Week, Newcomers Fall In Love With Westport

  1. What a thoughtful and lovely program to provide, Diane!

  2. This is so nice, but I wish it weren’t on a work day in the middle of the morning. I’m new in town and would love to attend, but I can’t because I will be at work.