0*6*Art*Art*0 — Week 97 Gallery

Valentine’s Day themes (and colors) work their way into this week’s online art gallery.

As always, we appreciate your submissions. This gallery is open to all readers. Whatever your age and level of experience — professional or amateur, young or old. In every medium.

All genres are encouraged. Watercolors, oils, charcoal, pen-and-ink, acrylics, lithographs, macramé, jewelry, sculpture, decoupage and needlepoint — whatever you’ve got, email it to dwoog@optonline.net. Share your work with the world!

“Hearts” (Karen Weingarten)

“Daughter” — oil on canvas (Greg Puhy)

“Snowy Winter” (Amy Schneider)

“Salem Window” (Eric Bosch)

“White Rose Bond of Love” — oil paint on canvas. (Artist Cindy Wagner says: “Floriography is the Victorian language of flowers, to express feelings. The earliest meaning for the white rose was one of true love; it is now also associated with the red rose. The white rose also symbolizes the bond of love and unity, and is therefore used in bridal bouquets.”

“Celebrating Friendship” (Ellin Spadone)

Untitled (Steve Stein)

“Romance” — sculpture in alabaster (Alan Goldberg)

“Nail Art for Valentine’s Day” (Lauri Weiser)

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