“06880” Podcast: Karen Scott

Karen Scott is a longtime Westporter — and one of our town’s most successful realtors.

She knows where all the bodies (and oil tanks) are buried. She’s passionate about her profession. And she loves to talk about it.

The other day, Karen and I chatted at the Westport Library, for my latest Verso Studios podcast.

Why are Westporters so invested (ho ho) in the real estate market? What are the hot neighborhoods and latest trends? How can you sell a house on road filled with traffic? And what is “real estate porn”?

Karen answers all those questions — and many more — with insight, real-life examples, and a smile. Click below to learn (as I did) all about life as a Westport realtor.

2 responses to ““06880” Podcast: Karen Scott

  1. Funny you should mention oil tanks. When I had a question about them a few years ago, I went straight to Karen! I always thought she was awesome and now I can see how great at her job she is! Enjoyable interview.

  2. Interesting watch. My mom being a super successful realtor gave me perspective. Great time to sell and seems like pools are in demand.