Photo Challenge #371

Perhaps most readers were out playing in the snow last Sunday.

Or — after several inches of snow (though not the “bomb cyclone” that was predicted) — perhaps they were simply not thinking about fish.

But only one person — Jeff Oberman! — knew that our Photo Challenge showed an image from the Coleytown neighborhood.

Photographer Tony Menchaca (who lives nearby) says that the photo of what looks like a trout can be seen on the north side of Coleytown Road just west of North Avenue, equidistant to the street and the Aspetuck River. (Click here to see.)

If you know anything about the back story, click “Comments” below. Famed sculptor James Earle Fraser — designer of the buffalo nickel, the “End of the Trail” sculpture of a Native American slumped over a tired horse, and the Theodore Roosevelt statue at the Museum of Natural History — lived around the corner. Perhaps it’s his work.

Mark Mathias spotted (and photographed) this week’s Challenge, a few weeks ago. If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below. And if you know what it’s made of, add that.

(Photo/Mark Mathias)

7 responses to “Photo Challenge #371

  1. By the Westport Museum for History and Culture?

  2. Avery Place and its made og shot gun shells, I think

  3. Andrew Colabella

    Avery Pl Shotgun Showdown

  4. Chip Stephens SHS 73

    Looks like Bic lighters Click your Bic !

  5. Lynn Untermeyer Miller

    Definitely on Avery Place.
    And I believe it is constructed from shot gun shells.

  6. Good work, Fred, Jane, Andrew and Lynn. It is indeed on Avery Place, near the Westport Museum for History & Culture — and it is definitely made (for reasons I don’t know) of shotgun shells.

  7. Jennie Pickering

    “Museum for History” …..
    hmmm what was wrong with Historical Society?
    just sayin