Julia Marino Scores! Westport Snowboarder Wins Olympic Silver!

Westport has an Olympic medalist!

In fact, hers is the entire American team’s first of the 2022 Games, in China.

Julia Marino led nearly all the way in women’s slopestyle yesterday, then finished second in the exciting, acrobatic event. She scored 87.68, in the 2nd of 3 runs. A snowboarder’s best result is the only one that counts.

Her medal performance included a perfect cab double underflip 900 off “The Matrix.” She ended with a frontside double cork 1080 on the last hit. Watch it all below:

It was the first Olympic medal of her career, in her second games. She competed in PyeongChang 4 years ago, placing 11th.

Julie — a 24-year-old who grew up here, and now trains in Colorado — beat US teammate and favorite Jamie Anderson (8th place) and better-known Hailey Langland (11th) yesterday.

“It’s honestly hard right now [to put into words], there’s just so much emotion,” Marino said on NBC after the medal ceremony.

“Right now it’s just pure excitement and happiness for everything, it was a great day – the weather was perfect, the course was perfect, the girls were riding well, couldn’t have asked for better finals.”

In keeping with these odd, COVID-stricken and politically fraught games, Julia’s friends and family were half a world away from China. But they got a gorgeous, up-close-and-as-personal-as-possible view.

Proud mom Elaine Marino (center, holding scarf), with family and friends at Vivid-Tek. (Photo/Dave Briggs)

As they did the day before, they gathered at Vivid-Tek, the store selling customizable (and hideable) large scale TV screens, between Fortuna’s and a rapid testing center. Owner Mark Motyl hosted the viewing party, as he had done the night before during qualifying runs.

NBC showed frequent shots of the family.

NBC’s split screen: Julia Marino in China, the Marino family and friends in Westport. (Screenshot/Jeanine Esposito)

Julia’s overwhelmingly proud mother, Elaine Marino, told Westport broadcaster Dave Briggs, “I can’t explain the joy in my heart. This is a dream come true. Silver is just as lovely as gold. She did her best, and that’s what counts.”

Julia’s sportsmanship was on display at the end. She piled on Sadowski-Synnott — the gold medalist who edged her out. “She’s happy for everyone,” her mom said.

Briggs noted that Julia’s father John has said, “I’m prouder of the person she is than her as a snowboarder.”

One commentator noted: “She’s from the East. She knows how to perform in the cold.”

After attending Westport schools, Julia transferred to St. Joseph High in Trumbull (and helped the Cadets win a state soccer championship as a junior). In the winter she headed to Colorado to train, then returned in the spring to take online classes.

Her parents are active Westporters, and she returns often.

The next visit will be a big one. First Selectwoman Jen Tooker and Matthew Mandell, director of the Westport Weston Chamber of Commerce, say a parade to honor Julia is in the works.

Screenshot from NBC’s broadcast. (Photo/Jeanine Esposito)

Next up: the big air competition. Click here for some of NBC’s coverage of the slopestyle final. Click here for a story on NBC’s website.

11 responses to “Julia Marino Scores! Westport Snowboarder Wins Olympic Silver!

  1. Yippee – Congratulations on your medal Julia. Your family must be so proud!!!

  2. So exciting! I was so happy to see this and of course I also loved it that they all were happy for one another! Congratulations on winning silver. Go USA…and Westport!

  3. Vanessa Bradford

    So fantastic to watch! So exciting for Julia, her family, Westport and Team USA…way to go!

  4. So incredibly happy for Jules, Elaine, John and Cece. What an amazing life experience!! Mazel tov!!!

  5. Outstanding! And two thumbs up on the fabulous display of sportsmanship. Congrats to the entire family.

  6. Just awesome! Couldn’t be happier. Julia and the whole family are gems!

  7. congratulations Julia. So exciting to see you and Westport a winner.

  8. Jonathan Prager

    ***Westport’s Julia Marino shines in more ways than one in silver medal winning performance!***

    Congratulations, Julia, on your exemplary camaraderie and your exceptional sportsmanship.

    Sportsmanship and comaraderie are more important than winning.

    You’ve shown us that celebrating human endeavor and excellence stand as noble values.

    And, you have a silver medal, to boot.

    Thank you for showing us how it’s done.

    With Gratitude,

    Jonathan : )

    PS – More perspective on Julia’s fine accomplishments may be found here.


  9. Carrie Howard

    Congratulations Julia & family! It was so exciting to watch you & the other athletes perform and see you root each other on. Bring on the parade!

  10. Carolyn Cohen

    Congratulations to Julia and her whole family!! Loved seeing the outcome of the skill and years of hard work, and, as much, the support Julia and the other snowboarders show for each other. A feel good story we all will savor!