Pic Of The Day #1755

Timeless Compo Beach (Photo/Fred Cantor)

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  1. My father had a green 1952 Chevy, but I think maybe this could be a 1950 Chevy or even a 1949 Chevy?

  2. I’m starting to wonder if this could be a 1954 model.

    • Thanks for the information, Charles. It brings back a lot of memories. I was 5 when my father bought his 1952 Chevy.

  3. Charles Watson

    That’s my car!!! I thank you for taking a photo of it, and to answer the question above that is a 1952 Chevrolet Styleline Sport Coupe Deluxe. It’s my daily driver to and from school.

    • Charles, thank you! I have seen this on more than one occasion and I can’t begin to tell you how many smiles and nice comments one sees and hears as walkers go by and come upon your car. And Dan, thanks for posting.

      • Charles Watson

        Thank You, Fred

        I was going to the beach for a while so I could play guitar and watch the sunset, and to be honest, was hoping I’d liven up the sunset with my car and provide sunshine to an ending day. I stopped going don’t know why, but I’m hoping to get back there soon. If you ever see me again don’t hesitate to say Hi. you’d just have to give me time to roll down my window.

        : )

    • Great car – and cheers to you for getting it out and enjoying it (my old cars are hiding in my garage till spring)

      • Charles Watson

        I decided since I’m a 50’s guy I’d have my first car be a 50’s car. I’m known as the 50’s Kid in Staples, but yeah I try to take care of her as best as I can. I’m new to mechanics, but I’m learning it’s got a 6-Cylinder Stovebolt Engine which they are known for their reliability. the powertrain is a Powerglide Transmission which was, I believe the first or second year of a reliable low-cost automatic transmission.

  4. Lisa+Seidenberg

    I would have guessed a Studebaker, my grandmother, who lived in Weston, had a green one from the same era. But I am sure the owner knows his car!

  5. Swoon!

  6. Marguerite+(Bunny)+Franco

    Almost as nice as my BUG!

  7. Marguerite+(Bunny)+Franco

    My ’98 Beetle

  8. Before I-95 was built, all traffic was on the Post Rd. My father and I were parked at the light at the corner of the Post Rd and I think it’s Mrytle Ave, on the downward slope of the Post Rd. (I think with the church on the right.) A truck carrying three jet engines hit my father’s 1952 Chevy in the back taillight of the driver’s side, and then careened off us and pushed in the back of the car next to us. The point is that this 1952 Chevy was built out of steel and you could’ve hit it with a sledgehammer and barely dent it. There was hardly any damage to our Chevy. Back then , cars were made to last. The year was probably 1955 or 1956.

  9. When I landed in Havana in March of 2002, I passed through customs. (Of course everyone was smoking, even the custom agents.) After passing through customs, I exited the airport and hailed a taxi, a 1950 Cadillac. It was brown with a leather-like interior. The leather was dry and cracked and it still had the smell of of a 1950s car. The oldest taxi I saw was a yellow 1927 or 1928 Ford with a rumble seat, and I have a picture of it. In 2002, Cuba was like traveling back in a time machine.

  10. Bear with me for one more car story. In Havana, I saw a 1952 Chevy like my father owned. I asked the kid ( young guy) if I could see the engine since it was parked. The little Capitalist charged me a U.S. dollar to look under the hood.