Civilian Review Panel Seeks Civilians

Want to help diversify hiring, oversee investigations of civilian complaints, and work on other initiatives with Westport’s Police, Fire and EMS Departments?

The Representative Town Meeting (RTM) Public Protection Committee seeks 2 candidates to fill spots on our Civilian Review Panel.

The CRP includes 5 civilian members:  the 2nd and 3rd selectwomen; one member of TEAM Westport, and 2 residents appointed by the RTM.

Specifically, the Civilian Review Panel handles:

  • Hiring Oversight: Participate in the interview process of new hires and lateral transfer applicants, offering feedback on the selection of candidates.
  • Complaint Review: Review and provide feedback on civilian complaints regarding Police, Fire and EMS.
  • Transparency & Accountability Improvements: Advise departments on policies and procedures to improve transparency and accountability.
  • Meetings:  Hold special meetings as needed.
  • Training:  Receive training from the Police, Fire and EMS Departments, to fully understand policies, procedures, general orders, internal affairs, and legal issues.
  • Reporting from Departments:  The Departments will provide an annual report of all disciplinary complaints received, their status and resolution.

Applicants must be registered voters in Westport. No member of the CRP can be an employee, or family member of an employee, of the Police, Fire and EMS Departments.

If interested, email a resume and letter of interest to; by mail: Westport Town Clerk, 110 Myrtle Avenue, Westport, CT 06880. 203-341-1110. Indicate how your experience would qualify you for consideration as a panel member. The deadline is February 7.

Questions? Call 203-341-1110.

3 responses to “Civilian Review Panel Seeks Civilians

  1. There is only one person for this job. This person has not gotten caught up in left vs right or political parties. This person is grounded and for years has done nothing but point out the greatness and leadership of the majestic town of Westport. This person knows fair. This person asks for nothing ever, and gives everything. This person never says but what is in it for me. This person cannot be bought or dragged into something not believed ethically and morally sound. This person wants to make the word as great as possible. This person is DAN WOOG!

    • Adam, you made my day. But I have to say: YOU would be fantastic on this panel too. You want nothing more than to make Westport great too — and you have an objective, fair head on your shoulders. Let’s serve together 🙂