“06880” Podcast: Dr. Bob Selverstone

Some Westporters may not have heard of Dr. Robert Selverstone. But as Westport renews its focus on social and emotional learning, his name is as important as ever.

A longtime psychologist working with adults, couples and teenagers, he spent 35 years in the Westport Public Schools. He pioneered “human relations” courses, offering very popular — and extremely valuable — classes in Values Clarification and Sexuality Education at Staples High School.

Selverstone is a nationally known educator, and sought-after speaker. He’s conducted more than 1,000 programs in 31 states and on 3 continents, opening minds to the wonders of values, sexuality and communication — and enabling teens, parents and teachers to think and talk about them.

Our podcast at the Westport Library was exciting and eye-opening. Using plenty of examples and analogies, Selverstone tied his work in the 1970s through ’90s to the even more fraught world of today.

Click below for a riveting half hour. Click here for all the “06880” podcasts at the Library’s Verso Studios.


7 responses to ““06880” Podcast: Dr. Bob Selverstone

  1. Rosemarie Corr

    Bob, so good to “see” you! I was very impressed to see your son online last week, and wondered how you were. A happy and healthy new year!

  2. 2 of Westport’s all stars! Dr.Bob & D.Woog
    Insightful discussion on human relations which is much needed in town and our great country!

  3. Ellen Dale Naftalin

    What an interesting interview. I sat in the library and heard it.

  4. Roseann Spengler

    Great interview. Staples could really benefit from him today.

  5. Theresa Kovacs

    Great interview, very interesting, Thanks Dan for this interesting podcast and thanks Dr. Selverstone for this informative talk!

  6. Wonderful to see Bob Selverstone still sharing his thoughts and sound advice — he was my guidance counsellor at Staples when I graduated in 1970. The hair may be sparser, but the voice and the insight are unchanged. Many thanks for devoting half a century to the well-being of Westporters!

  7. 40 years later he looks great. I remember his Values class in 1981 fondly. In one exercise, we had to make a list of ten roles we play–brother, son, student, reader, etc.–and then discard them one by one until we were left with our one true calling. Interesting!