Tooker: Update On COVID Testing

First Selectwoman Jen Tooker says:

As we continue to navigate this wave of the pandemic, I want to say thank you to our community. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we collectively work to keep each other healthy and well.

Access to testing remains a priority. The town was informed by the state yesterday that it will receive another allotment of free in-home test kits. This allotment of 1,800 kits (2 tests per kit) is designated for Westport residents whose health, economic and living circumstances place them in a vulnerable situation.

These people include the home-bound, frail/elderly, individuals with disabilities, and those with financial or transportation barriers to accessing COVID-19 testing. Oour Department of Human Services is working closely with the Emergency Management Team to ensure appropriate distribution to those within our community who are most at risk. Surrounding municipalities in Fairfield County are following a similar process to distribute their allotment of free test kits.

Residents with extenuating circumstances as outlined above may contact Human Services ( or 203-341-1050). Westport’s Senior Center participants may calll 203-341-5099 to request an at-home kit as supplies last.

For others who require testing, as of today the town has arranged for Progressive Diagnostics to set up an additional PCR testing site at the Greens Farms Railroad Station. The appointment scheduler can be accessed via the “Book an Appointment” link on Progressive Diagnostics’ homepage: Payment and insurance details are provided in the link.

Additional resources for COVID information and access to at-home or area PCR testing may be found by dialing 211 or  clicking here, and at local pharmacies and retail locations.

We encourage everyone who is eligible to get vaccinated, including a booster.  This is still the best protection against the virus.  Additionally, people now know how to best protect themselves in public by limiting interaction with crowds, choosing to wear masks indoors, and keeping distance from others. Again, thank you to the entire Westport community for displaying such resilience.

13 responses to “Tooker: Update On COVID Testing

  1. Why no town wide mask mandate? I don’t get it.

    • Because Republican select women are afraid of backlash…there is absolutely no other explanation.

      • I don’t get it either: Afraid of what? An insurrection on Myrtle Ave? Backlash from whom and why care? Electorally, she’s good ’till Nov 2025. Shopping around (KN95’d) in town, it seems the unmasked are a minority who put themselves and others at risk. We should follow Norwalk.

  2. We need a state mask mandate, but at the very LEAST we need a town-wide mask mandate. Too little, too late. And the test kit distribution was a failure on every possible level.

  3. Nancy Gerard Yates

    Totally agree as to the need for a mask mandate. Ms. Tooker may believe that “people now know how to best protect themselves in public by … choosing to wear masks indoors” – but it certainly doesn’t seem that knowledge has resulted in all Westporters doing so in stores, etc. And it’s not just “themselves” people should be aiming to protect – but also all those they come into contact with. When they fail to do so, it’s time for a responsible government to step in.

  4. Town. Mask. Mandate.

  5. Arline Gertzoff

    Mask and vaccination mandate is the best solution.Those who want to exercise their rights should stay home Getting others sick is not the answer nor anyones right

  6. Multiple studies show cloth masks do not effectively protect against the Omicron variant. Without widely available N95 or K95 masks, a mask mandate where people slap on a cloth mask for optics is pretty much meaningless. People should make smart choices for themselves – we are not helpless without government directives – we can and should make our own decisions.


  8. Wait- GFRR Station again???? Another disastrous traffic jam awaits us. No thanks. Why not use another venue?

  9. I’d like to understand why CVS, WalG, etc, and now Progressive, only seem to offer PCRs while drive-thru 15min Rapid Antigens, no worse than the unavailable at-home ones, seem to be far more limited in provider or scheduling availability. Is there some business/economic reason?

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