Today’s COVID Home Testing Kit Distribution Is POSTPONED

Governor Lamont’s office has notified Westport that due to a shipping problem, the state’s allotment of 500,000 home COVID test kits have not yet been received.

The distribution planned for today at Staples High School has been postponed. 

Once the test kits arrive, a new distribution date will be set.

An at-home COVID test.

11 responses to “Today’s COVID Home Testing Kit Distribution Is POSTPONED

  1. Uh, so our Westport leaders scheduled this before they, never mind the State, actually received anything?
    In the meantime be courageous and bring back the overall indoor mask mandate so we’re at least at parity with Norwalk.

  2. To be fair, almost every town in the area did the same, relying on the State’s information with the hope of getting tests into hands as quickly as possible. Other states seem have gotten theirs and have been handing them out, so that reliance seemed reasonable.

    If the tests HAD arrived as promised, and every other town was handing them out while Westport was delayed because we waited for them to be in hand before scheduling distribution, I’m sure our leaders wouldn’t have heard the end of it. (People were already griping on facebook when other towns announced their distribution plans before Westport had.)

    And “yes, please” to masks. If the State thinks it’s important enough to provide them, then it’s probably a good idea to be wearing them.

  3. I agree with you about an indoor mask mandate. I’m trying to determine why a mask is required in the library and Town Hall but not a grocery store, for example. We should feel safe in any Westport indoor location.

  4. Gerald F. Romano, Jr.

    Dear Governor Lamount,
    I would like to know who the person or persons are who told you the 500,000 Test Kits were coming to Westport, CT, and the same persons who told you there not coming.
    And ask them the reason “Why Are the test Kits Not Coming” and have those persons explaining in a letter to Governor Lamont, who in turn Governor Lamount will sent that letter to our First Selectwomen Jen Tooker and she will put the letter on 06880 for all of Westport citizens to read.
    That would be a great accomplishment.
    Gerald F. Romano, Jr.

  5. I also don’t understand why there is not a mask mandate for all indoor spaces in Westport with the positivity rate so high.

  6. David J. Loffredo

    What’s the opposite of Operation Warp Speed? Biden has badly bumbled this.

  7. Are there really no test kits in Westport area of Connecticut?


    in NYC, The MainStream Media via info they receive fr the current – thankfully outgoing – mayor was putting out news of a severe ‘shortage’, which induced hoarding in some neighborhoods like UWS and West Village, which then in fact in those neighborhoods did indeed create a shortage; literally no test kits left in those neighborhoods while just several easily walkable, bike’able blocks away in SOHO, Tribeca and FiDi we have hundreds available on shelves and hundreds more are kept in stock rooms

    we’re limited to purchasing 4/person/transaction and they’re selling for $10-23.99 each, the $23.99 kits give results in minutes, the $10 tests take longer. we’ve had that surplus in our local (soho, fiDi, Tribeca) national chainstore pharmacies since Christmas weekend and they have never run out.

    so why people are waiting to receive them from the govt, same brands in stores as govt is going to hand out, i.e., fr what we see in NYC I would go to the store yourself to see if they have them or not, I wouldn’t rely on current govts to let you know what’s more easily available if you don’t involve them 😉

  8. Bill Strittmatter

    Hartford Courant has a report that Connecticut had never actually purchased or had contract to buy the test kits that were supposed to be distributed so they were sold to someone else.

  9. Why would the state not have stocked up on test kits? I mean after all we’re two years into a pandemic…

  10. Why are we, supposedly the greatest country ever!, so backward when it comes to healthcare ? Europe hands them out for free, Bo ridiculous nonsense about “ bidding against our own citizens? It’s a complete disaster but we can give the military 30 billion more than they asked for. We are only good at dropping bombs.

  11. #FearHasNoPlaceHere… you think the early farmers(minuteman)waiting on the British to land were living in a state of fear..

    When did Westport become a town that fears the common cold, with a 99.7 percent survival rate.

    Let’s get back to living, instead of waiting to die folks.

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