Photo Challenge #365

When JC Martin submitted last week’s Photo Challenge — a strange-looking light on a pole — I figured it would be one of the toughest ever.

I was wrong. Then again, I’m not a boater.

Several readers instantly identified the image. It’s the green light at the Compo Beach Road side of Ned Dimes Marina, just to the left of the Owenoke entrance.

The range lights (I learned) are mandated for safe navigation in and out of the basin. They’re lit 365 nights a year, (Click here to see the photo.)

Ellen Greenberg, Pat Saviano, Jonathan Prager, Dave Eason, Andrew Colabella, Tom Wall and Janice Strizever all identified the light — and knew what it’s there for.

I’ve always seen the signs: “Safe boating is no accident.”

Now I know how.

Do you know where to find this week’s Photo Challenge? If so, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Bob Weingarten)


35 responses to “Photo Challenge #365

  1. Library walk

  2. Andrew Colabella

    Earth Animal

  3. Janis Wasserman

    Behind the library

  4. Walkway next to Library

  5. Andrew Colabella

    Earth Animal front entrance

  6. Robin Jaffee Frank

    Earth Animal

  7. Walkway outside library.

  8. Michael Motenko

    The walk-in front of the public library.

  9. Bill Strittmatter

    Walkway at Earth Animal?

  10. Seth Schachter

    I believe earth animal

  11. seems too easy to be next to library

  12. Along river by library.

  13. Earth Animal entrance walkway

  14. Shirlee Gordon

    Earth Animal walk way at front entrance

  15. Earth Animal.

  16. It’s the path to the front door of Earth Animal

  17. Historical society walk
    Or library walk

  18. J. Scott Broder

    In front of Earth Animal

  19. The library walkway.

  20. Yeah it is the walkway between the river and the library.

    • I take that back. The stone markers are all for pets and they are too new for the library walkway. Many of the stone markers there are so weather beaten you can’t even read them anymore. I don’t know where this photo was taken.

    • Bill Strittmatter

      The Riggins Loves Earth Animal brick is a bit of a giveaway…unless it is there to throw everyone off.

  21. In front of earth animal

  22. Westport Library walkway

  23. Alicia Kronick

    Library river walk stones by the Saugatuck River

  24. Peter R Powell

    Walkway between library and the river.

  25. This was a good one. It could be the Riverwalk, by the Westport Library and Saugatuck River (though many of those bricks are already eroded and unreadable). It could be the Westport Muceum of History & Culture’s walkway, or even the one in front of the Westport Country Playhouse (which has only a few names).

    But it’s none of those. This is indeed the front entrance to Earth Animal, on the Post Road across from The giveaway in this photo is all the tributes to dogs. All the other memorial walks in Westport honor people.

    Congrats to all who got it right. The pooches of Westport thank you.

  26. The walk in front of Earth Animal

  27. Lawrence Joel Zlatkin

    Betty Lou Cummings River walk next to the library. Most of the bricks (my family’s include) have faded over the years.

  28. Lawrence Joel Zlatkin

    Oops. Yes, all pooches. No humans. Nice one. But, thank you Betty Lou for our River Walk!

  29. The moment my wife and I together found the brick we bought for the Library’s River Walk, I thought: “We’re gonna get divorced.” And we did. So I I’m relieved they’re eroding, which does remind that “naming rights” on a building or something now only lasts 50 years. Or sooner, if you’re the Sackler family.

  30. Earth Animal

  31. Riverwalk next to library

  32. near the Westport Library – river entrance