Roundup: Fence Rule, Curio Cottage, New Orleans …


Echoing similar legislation in communities across the country, the Planning & Zoning Commission voted 4-2 yesterday to approve legislation mandating that the “finished” side of a fence must face outward.

In other words: Homeowners will see the cross beams, while neighbors — or passersby on a street, if that’s the case — will see smooth pickets.

In addition to esthetics, there is a safety reason. Fence supports can make it easier to climb over.

The regulation takes effect next month. It is not retroactive.

The “bad” side of a fence (shown) here must now face the property of whoever built it.


Curious — okay, frantic –about where to buy last-minute gifts?

The Curio Cottage Thrift Shop is open today and tomorrow (Friday and Saturday), from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The Curio Thrift Shop is the cute white cottage, operated by the Westport Woman’s Club next to their handsome home 44 Imperial Avenue.

The Curio Cottage is filled with affordable, unique holiday items, in addition to its usual inventory of thrift treasures.

The Curio Cottage opened in 1999. It has contributed over $500,000 in support of the Woman’s Club’s direct grants and services to non-profit organizations and charities throughout Fairfield County.

PS: There is plenty of free parking. NOTE: They accept cash and checks only (no credit cards).

The Curio Cottage looks small. But wait till you see what’s inside.


Last week, artist Brian Whelan — a frequent contributor to the “06880” online art gallery — and his wife Wendy Roseberry celebrated their 15th anniversary in New Orleans.

They booked dinner at the new Chemin à la Mer restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel on the Mississippi River. Word got around management that they were from Connecticut.

That brought David Griswold — the restaurant’s assistant manager — to the table.

The former manager of Mystic Market told the couple about his new adventures in the Big Easy, and caught up on all the news here since his move last September.

“David made sure we had a gorgeous meal,” Wendy says. And he sends his best to his many friends, and former customers, here.

David Griswold says hi from New Orleans. (Photo/Wendy Roseberry)


Attorneys and staff members at Westport’s FLB Law recently stuffed backpacks with holiday treats, pancake mix, syrup, a book, toys and toothbrush kit — for underserved area kids. The gifts were distributed through Filling in the Blanks.

“FLB Law’s culture is rooted in community,” says FLB lawyer Matthias Sportini,  “While many of us serve on boards and volunteer individually, gathering together to give back as firm was especially meaningful. It adds something special to the holiday season.”

FLB attorneys and staff members take a break from stuffing backpacks.


It’s winter (though not particularly) cold in Westport. That hardly stops dogs from romping at Compo. As today’s “Westport … Naturally” photo shows, they’re enjoying their 6-month off-leash days at the beach.

(Photo/Cathy Malkin)


And finally … on this date in 1903, the Wright brothers made the first controlled powered, heavier-than-air flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

10 responses to “Roundup: Fence Rule, Curio Cottage, New Orleans …

  1. How will the fence rule be enforced? What if they want the “ugly side”? What if the cost of the fence is split between neighbors?

  2. Not the Wright Brothers! Gustave Whitehead was first!

  3. That’s a curious fence photo and it’s not showing the good or bad side. That’s 3 fences. The tallest one must have been installed by the people on the other side.

  4. …..sometimes tall fences really do help to make great neighbors!

  5. Is this a real problem that needs time and attention from elected officials? I’ve never noticed a plethora of “ugly” fence sides facing “out.” In fact, most folks are very considerate and aware of how the “ugly” side is their’s to bear. Lets concentrate on the crap that matters.

    • I think it is one of those things that went without saying… until some folks needed to be told.

      There was a disagreement on my block when some… anti-social neighbors put up a “wrong-way” fence facing their neighbors, leading to a taller “wrong-way” fence facing back at them.

      Lots of unpleasantness that would have been avoided had the first fence been installed “correctly.”