“06880” Podcast: Rex Fowler & Dodie Pettit

It’s tough to cram half a century of music stardom — and a spectacular new musical about Dracula — into a half-hour conversation.

But that’s what Rex Fowler, Dodie Pettit and I did in our latest “06880” podcast, at the Westport Library’s Verso Studios.

He’s the co-founder of Aztec Two-Step, the internationally known folk-and-more band. She’s a longtime Westporter/Broadway singer and dancer who — while married to fellow actor/singer/Staples High School graduate Kevin Gray — collaborated on that Dracula show. (Not the one that flopped on Broadway.)

Now Dodie and Rex are married too. They perform together as Aztec Two-Step 2.0. And they recently unveiled the soundtrack of their “Dracula” musical at their Westport home.

Click below to listen to their fascinating stories about life on stage, and here.


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