The Next Step: 06880 Inc.

I launched “06880” in March of 2009. Ever since, it’s been a one-man band.

Sure, I use the editorial “we.” But “06880” has always been “me.”

Now, it’s “us.”

06880 Inc. has been registered with the State of Connecticut. I — I mean, we — are now an official non-profit organization.

I’ve got a board of directors to advise me, and keep me in line. Together, we can:

  • Host events. We’ve started already, with this Saturday’s Holiday Stroll. See you downtown, from 4 to 7 p.m.!
  • Develop community-wide educational, entertainment and inspirational programs.
  • Hire help, like interns and perhaps a staff photographer.
  • Support worthy causes.

I — I mean, we — pledge that the content of “06880” will not change. If anything, the bonds that connect this physical place and our online community will be tighter than ever.

The sky’s the limit. Yet “06880” will still be grounded, right here in the real 06880.

PS: We’ve applied for tax-exempt status. When the IRS says “great!”, all contributions will be tax-deductible. And if your company has a matching grant program, you can then add us to the list.

Why is this man smiling? Because he now has a board of directors! (Photo/Pam Einarsen)

58 responses to “The Next Step: 06880 Inc.

  1. So glad about that, Dan, and so enamoured of your interest in, and concern for, the town.
    Good luck with the new “we”.

  2. Thomas D. Neilly

    Congratulations Dan! This is a great idea. You need help (people, not mental, or perhaps both) as I know since you keep sending these notes out starting at 5:00 am. Sharing ideas with a Board of Directors will hopefully get the best out of all of you. And as a 501(c)3 perhaps donations will increase. (I donate anyway). Here is my one question: Since you started this project years ago on your own, it seems only fair that you get to pick your own title now that you have and organization. CEO? President? King? (I think that was taken by Elvis). Sultan of Swing? (Also taken). Cappo di Tutti Capi? ( No, that was Big Paulie from the Sopranos). Your call.

    • Thanks, Thomas. Much appreciated. After much consideration, I have decided on … executive editor. Sound okay?

      • Thomas D. Neilly

        Good choice. Executive Editor was Ben Bradlee’s title at The Washington Post. Now you just have to find out what mischievous activities are going on at Town Hall!

    • Melinda Hemson

      I was thinking Grand Poo Bah but executive editor is pretty cool too

  3. amy Chenette van arsdale

    Congrats Dan! I enjoy reading everyday! Happy Holidays! Amy

  4. This is wonderful news, Dan, not only for you, but for all of your readers. Best to you from wintry Vermont.

  5. Congratulations! That is fantastic news!!!

  6. charles taylor

    Congratulations! Now as a 501c3 you can apply for Foundation grants and not be taxed! Remember “you seldom get more than you ask for” so write grants for community based foundations and foundations that support historic endeavors like preservation. Congratulations you DESERVE all the support you get!

  7. Wendy Crowther

    Good for you, Dan. You’ve always been awesome at keeping us informed and entertained. But then you went above and beyond the call of duty to keep us posted regarding the pandemic and it’s impact on our town and on our lives. You never seemed to be off duty. Congratulations on your latest evolution. You are a town treasure and indispensable. Now, get some sleep!

  8. Holy cow! Brilliant concept!

  9. LOVE this Dan!! Congratulations!!

  10. Mary Foss-Skiftesvik

    Wishing you continued success!!

  11. Margaret Rynshall

    Hot dog, Dan! Great idea! “We” are behind you all the way!

  12. Ilene Mirkine

    Wonderful news, congrats Dan! Looking forward to seeing what this change of status will bring…

  13. Thank you! That’s good for you and good for us! The fun of mentoring interns means 06880-forever and 06880-nationwide (may I suggest 43209 as a likely starter). Wonderful!

  14. By the way, whenever Covid is finally in the rear view mirror and life can return to normal, please count me in on any trips to help explore expansion of 06880 Inc both nationally and internationally:

  15. Congratulations!! Wishing you much success.

  16. Vanessa Bradford

    Yay! You are on 24/7 and always rock! Congrats on the expansion!

  17. A. David Wunsch

    Good work!
    A David W Staples 1956

  18. Jacque O'Brien

    Well done Dan! Congratulations!

  19. Laurie Crouse

    Thanks on behalf of all 06880 readers, Dan. You are always striving to do the greater good

  20. Congratulations, Dan!

  21. Congratulations, Dan, what a great move!! You have kept us informed and involved, whether in Westport, NY, FL and to all the other locations we move. Helping to keep us rooted in the community. It has been a delight to watch you grow over the years. What a treasure you are!!

  22. Elisabeth K Boas

    Congratulations from one of your now out-of-town fans.

  23. That’s great news Dan!! Congratulations!! I wish you the best as you take your great 06880 successes to the next level!! Bravo!!

  24. So happy for you and for us. What an amazing job you do to bring the whole town together Dan!!

  25. Congratulations. Dan. Your contributions to our town are invaluable. All the best.

    • Dan, Congratulations! I’m proud to be one of your readers. As I’ve always said , Once a Westporter, always a Westporter.

  26. Nancy Axthelm

    Wonderful news, Dan! For us and you!
    Congratulations and best of luck moving forward!
    What a great start to 2022!🎉

  27. Wow! What exciting news – Congratulations, Dan!

  28. Elaine Marino

    Congrats! Not sure if you are thinking of joining Fairfield County’s Community Foundation, but if you do, “06880 Inc” would appear at the top of the list of charitable organizations (i.e., because the name starts with a number) to which the public can donate:

    FCCF makes it easy to donate to multiple organizations as you only have to select the organization that interests you, choose an amount to donate and then add the donation to your shopping cart. You can check out in one transaction yet donate to several organizations.

  29. Thanks, Elaine. That’s great to know! And thanks to all, for all the good wishes. If you’ve got any ideas for future projects, let us know!

  30. Roseann Spengler

    Love it, Dan!!! Will congratulate you in person on Saturday.

  31. Joyce Barnhart

    Since everybody is congratulating you, I guess it’s a good thing and I’m sure you gave it much thought before taking the leap. But does it mean that you’ll have a board who will might tell you what to do? I imagine your corporation sitting together at a large table and “designing a horse”. You know how that turned out.

  32. Your excellency,
    Its about time you and your organization were properly recognized.

  33. If you are happy, we your readers are happy!

  34. Jonathan McClure

    Congrats, Dan. This is a great move on your part. I look forward to the journey and the good things to come!

  35. Congratulations Dan! I love reading 06880 every day. You do a great job of keeping us all informed as well as entertained. All the best!

  36. This is wonderful news, Dan, even if it might complicate things a bit. Your service to Westport is a huge part of what makes it more neighborly, more justice-conscious, and more desirable as a place to live.

  37. Great news Dan. Westport would not be the same without you, and 06880!
    Thank you for all you do for us- your readers.

  38. Karol and Brian Brumit

    And what a great smile it is! Congratulations Dan! Happy Holidays!

  39. Celeste Champagne

    Congratulations on this great news, Dan! Though living in Norwalk, wouldn’t be able to survive without your daily “06880”.

  40. Good for YOU …. and THEM…..but it’s ALL YOU who has been doing such a great job …I look at the site everyday, and I live in Western Pennsylvania…!
    My happy days connection goes back to having college friends who introduced me to Westport many mighty moons ago…..

  41. Annette Norton

    Congratulations Dan!
    We are all so lucky to have you! Truly.

  42. Robin Welling

    Congratulations Dan! You are a Westport Gem! We are so very lucky to have you!

  43. Andrew Colabella

    Congratulations Dan! So proud! Making Westport greater by reminding us of the past, making the past history, by telling it to those who are unaware but also mindful of how important it is to know who we are and what we’re all about.

    The townies live on 👏🏼🎊

  44. Amy Schafrann

    All the best to you! You are a true Westport treasure and excited to see what’s to come!

  45. Sandra Grunewald Jones class of '64 Staples High School

    Congrats to you, Dan, and all of those who have helped you over the years to make 06880 such a wonderful gift to all of us who share a Westport connection.,

  46. Karin Giannitti

    Congratulations Dan. So enjoy your page and will continue to in the future. Happy holidays.

  47. You are the glue of Westport. Thank you for keeping us connected. Time to give 06880 your holiday bonus.

  48. Patricia McMahon

    Cheers to you Dan!

  49. Congratulations Dan!

  50. The other day I heard an old, lesser known Kinks song from ‘65 – “Where Have All the Good Times Gone”. For nostalgic Boomers who have been in and around Westport since that song was released, they clearly all reside now only on Dan’s blog.

  51. Thank you Dan for this program. Whatever help you need to keep going sounds good to me.

  52. congrats just saw this, great stuff!