Photo Challenge #362

It’s rare that a Photo Challenge stumps nearly every reader. Including Andrew Colabella.

But last week’s did.

To be fair, it was very tough. Gabriela Bockhaus’ image — an old-fashioned mailbox marked “North Pole Post” — hangs on a Wright Street tree. (Click here to see.)

Most Westporters never drive past it. And if they do, they’re probably cutting between Post Road West and Kings Highway North — in other words, zipping by.

Only Rummy Lynch and Harris Falk nailed it.

(Kudos do go to Dave Eason, who was technically correct for his answer: “On a tree?” And Fred Cantor gets points for his clever guess: “Christmas Lake Lane?”)

I hope this week’s Photo Challenge is easier. If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Diane Bosch)

10 responses to “Photo Challenge #362

  1. Bill’s Smoke Shop circa 1955?

  2. Around 1955, was Bill’s Smoke Shop next to the Fine Arts? I can’t remember exactly.

  3. In 1955, it was a wooden shack on Main Street between the Mobilgas station and Hartmann’s Hardware, across from the original Westport Pizza. It had a hinged cover that Bill would fold down to lock up at night. He later moved across the street into the narrow store where the Meoli brothers later founded Westport Pizza.

  4. Mary Ann Batsell

    Mr Joseph’s hair salon Post Rd East
    Near the Honda desler

  5. Luisa Francoeur

    FYI, it is not allowed to drive between Kings Highway North and Post Rd West on Wright St unless you begin/end at the office building at the Post Rd end.

  6. No one has gotten the answer to this week’s Photo Challenge. Keep guessing — or wait until next Sunday!

  7. John D McCarthy

    Mahackeno, of course.

  8. I feel like this should be at Fort Apache but I don’t remember ever seeing anything like that there. Then again, it’s been year since I’ve been there.

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