Photo Challenge #361

Winslow Park — formerly, “the Baron’s property” — gets all the love.

Every day from dawn to dusk, dogs, dog owners, walkers and joggers enjoy the 32 spectacular acres of rolling hills, meadows and woods just steps from downtown, between the Post Road and North Compo.

Baron’s South — the much hillier and more rugged 22 acres on the other side of the Post Road, between South Compo and Imperial Avenue — gets less attention.

But it too is a remarkable Westport park.

And it’s not as if no one hikes its paths, encountering deer rather than dogs.

Nearly a dozen “06880” readers quickly identified Baron’s South as the site of last week’s Photo Challenge. It showed an old fountain, behind what was once Baron Walter Langer van Langendorff’s “Golden Shadows” home.

(“The baron” was a fascinating 20th-century Westporter. He founded Evyan Perfumes, among many other accomplishments. Click here for his back story. Click here to see last week’s photo.)

Fred Cantor, Tom Erickson, Amy Schneider, Wendy Crowther, Chip Stephens, John F. Suggs, Lynn Untermeyer Miller, Dick Lowenstein, Alec Stevens and Morley Boyd all knew that the fountain lies, hidden in plain sight, near the baron’s once elegant, now-crumbling “mansion.”

As usual, Morley has the last word. His comment:

It’s the neglected fountain behind the neglected Golden Shadows mansion which is situated within the neglected town-owned open space parcel once considered a public park but now largely clear-cut, overrun by invasives and utilized for government- sanctioned illegal dumping of contaminated fill. Cheers!

This week’s Photo Challenge is less controversial, and more timely. If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Gabriela Bockhaus)

8 responses to “Photo Challenge #361

  1. On Christmas Lake Lane?

  2. Terrain

  3. On a tree?

  4. Jeffrey Jacobs

    For several years, a few local stores included a “North Pole Post” as part of their lure to get families with small kids into their premises on Small Business Saturday. But I didn’t notice this one this year! (Maybe that’s why Santa didn’t fill my requests last year)

  5. Jonathan McClure


  6. So far, no correct answers (except Dave’s).

  7. Wright Street in Old Hill! Wonderful neighbors.

  8. My previous answer seems to be trapped somewhere.
    Yep, Wright Street, across from a Little Free Library