Pics Of The Day #1670

Longshore entrance road, looking toward South Compo. Photographer Elisabeth Lewey says, “This is my 4th fall here since moving from South Africa. I still can’t quite process the beauty of fall colors.”

Same view, opposite direction. (Photo/Joe Massoud)

2 responses to “Pics Of The Day #1670

  1. Lovely photos. Wouldn’t it be pleasant to call the road by its name: Julian Brodie Way? Remembering those responsible for the amazing purchase of Longshore Country Club pays tribute to them and deepens the experience of using the road.

    Nina Streitfeld

  2. Ellen Dale Naftalin

    I know I have said this before but in honor of my grandfather Samuel DeMeo Sr. (and I know almost all the original trees from the 20s have been replaced), Grandpa planted the original trees that lined the drive back when it was a private estate. Larry Silver took the iconic photo of the drive decades ago. I couldn’t afford the original but I bought a print from the Westport Historical Society where I volunteered for 10 years before it became The Westport Museum For History and Culture. In any case, 25 Avery Place. Maybe they still have that black and white print for sale.

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