“06880” Salutes Our Veterans

“This is a special day in our house,” says Staples High School graduate, longtime Westporter — and Vietnam veteran — Carl Addison Swanson.

It should be a special day for every American.

It’s not. For many, it’s just another day at work or school.

To remind us of the importance of Veterans Day, Swanson shared a few photos with “06880.”

They span various years, and different branches of the US military.

They show Westporters, and other veterans Swanson knows and admires.

Look carefully at their faces. Wonder about their stories. Appreciate their service.

Most importantly, thank a veteran for his or her service today.

And every day.

12-year-old Kelly Spearen (right), with his father. After graduating from Staples High School, Kelly served a helicopter tour in Vietnam.

Col. John Glenn — a family friend of Carl Addison Swanson and his wife Joann — after orbiting the earth 3 times.

Marine Lt. Gen. Thomas H. Miller — Carl Addison Swanson’s father-in-law — in 1960.

12 responses to ““06880” Salutes Our Veterans

  1. My great uncle died of influenza during the Great Pandemic of 1918 – 1919 while serving in the army, training in Mississippi for deployment in Europe. My grandfather, his younger brother, had an induction date of November 11, 1918. He was fortunate – he did not serve. He was, as a first generation immigrant, prepared to join his older brothers and serve.

  2. My brother in law was one of the UDT divers who was in the water when John Glen splashed down.

  3. On February 6, 1970, there was a light snow falling as I stood at the Bridgeport railroad station on the way to Basic Training.I had dropped out of college with 4 classes left to graduate because I joined the National Guard. For my service, I got a free cup of coffee this morning at Starbucks. I’m still getting the benefits!

  4. Best thanks to veterans is to work for peace.
    No More Wars.

    I served in the Navy and I am a member of Veterans for Peace.

    Furthermore I am a Rotarian for a world free of nuclear weapons by 2030 to prevent nuclear wars, the existential threat to civilization and human rights.

  5. Dan. Do you know when the statue was moved from the Post Rd to the Town Green.

  6. Thanks to CAS, my friend and Staples classmate, and to Joann for posting these evocative photos. Vets day has been a lifelong big day in my house as well. Hi to my former Treadwell Ave. neighbor Diane Silfen ’65!

  7. You get the short version of the story. In June 1962, my father and I were visiting a Priest in a hospital in Buffalo. As we were leaving, the Priest said, “Take your son over two beds so he can tell his grandchildren that he met someone who fought in the Spanish-American War.” The war lasted 3 months and three weeks and there were only 280,000 American soldiers. I’m the ONLY person alive who can claim, in 2021, that they met a Spanish-American War soldier!

    • James, I’m disappointed that you didn’t find it interesting that I met someone who fought in a war 123 years ago. Five years before the Wright Brothers flight. 14 years before the Titanic sunk.

  8. Hi right back Tom Allen.

  9. Long time Staples High School English teacher Richard (Dick) Leonard served as a navy jet fighter pilot in the mid-1950’s.

  10. Nancy Dabinett Austin

    VIetnam Gold Star wife and Mother of Iraqi combat Marine, I thank you and your families for your service!