Polls Open Now — VOTE!

Turnout was light at 6:30 this morning, when I voted at the Westport Library.

But Representative Town Meeting candidates were out in force, in the pre-dawn chill:

Inside, poll watchers checked in the slow stream of voters:

(Photos/Dan Woog)

This election is strictly local. The major contest — for first selectman — involves Republican Second Selectwoman Jennifer Tooker, Democratic State Representative Jonathan Steinberg, and Libertarian T.J. Elgin.

Click here for sample ballots.

Need to check where to vote? Use the State Voter Registration Lookup Tool.

Election voting districts can be viewed here.

2 responses to “Polls Open Now — VOTE!

  1. Joyce Barnhart

    Thank you, Dan.

  2. margaret christe

    I am so sad and surprised to see the voter turnout was so low today. It makes me think so many take too much for granted here in our beautiful town. I know I will be more involved in the next election to get people out the vote!