1st Selectman Race: Too Close To Call

With some absentee ballots still outstanding, Westport’s 1st Selectman race is too close to call.

Republican 2nd Selectwoman Jennifer Tooker and running mate Andrea Moore lead Democratic State Representative Jonathan Steinberg and running mat Candace Savin, 4,210 votes to 4,149. That’s a 61 vote difference.

Libertarian candidate TJ Elgin garnered just 57 votes total.

Democratic candidates for other offices — contested ones like Planning & Zoning, uncontested ones like Board of Finance, as well as the Board of Education, where write-in candidate Alma Sarelli lags far back –all lead their Republican opponents.


13 responses to “1st Selectman Race: Too Close To Call

  1. when do you think we know the final results

  2. No idea! I don’t know how many ballots are outstanding.

  3. You think we will know the final results tonight?

  4. Bye bye Jonathan.

    • Classy, dipshit.

    • Elizabeth Thibault

      This might be a bit premature, as Jonathan will have a desk in Westport Town Hall as the third selectman.

      We’re very lucky to be able to welcome three skilled and experienced individuals, who have knowledge across a wide swath of municipal topics and issues. This depth should serve the town and our residents well over the next few years. Westport is always lucky to have a dearth of well qualified candidates, and this should be our focus, not partisan pettiness.

  5. Andrew Colabella

    Jen Tooker and Andrea Moore, the new first and second selectWOMEN of Westport 🎉

    Such a great and extremely tight race!!! Good job to everyone!

  6. When you get like 14% of people voting anyone can win. Shows that most Westporters couldn’t care less about who leads the town.

    • That’s the sad truth.

      Though I think that it also reflects what I have seen as some serious political malaise, coming out of the Trump years.

    • Only a 14% turnout? What am I missing? Westport Journal reported (unofficially) that Tooker/Moore received 4,610 votes while Steinberg/Savin received 4,475 votes. Assuming the numbers will only go up, doesn’t that result in a minimum 45% voter turnout (9,000 out 19,811 registered voters)?

  7. Well, I placed my absentee ballot in the ballot dropbox outside Town Hall yesterday afternoon. I wonder if it has been counted yet.

  8. Mackenzie Berman

    Where can we find final turnout and vote counts??

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