Unsung Heroes #211

Betsy Kravitz writes:

The other night we took my father-in-law to Tutti’s, to celebrate his 96th birthday.

I got there early to put balloons and flowers on the table. When people saw “96,” they had a loto of questions. That number is not often celebrated.

I let the whole place (inside and out) know who it was for. When my father-in-law walked in, everyone broke out in applause and wished him a happy birthday.

It was such a touching moment for all of us. And, I think, for the restaurant patrons as well.

Tutti’s bought us a bottle of wine. Again the whole restaurant chimed in when we sang “Happy Birthday!’

My father-in-law was elated. He had the best time, thanks to the amazing people dining and celebrating at Tutti’s.

Thank you to everyone there, especially the owners (the Funicello family).

PS : The food was outstanding too!

Tutti’s owners Pasquale and Maria Funicello.

16 responses to “Unsung Heroes #211

  1. Valerie Ann Leff

    We love Tutti’s

  2. My wife and I were happy to be at Tutti’s that night celebrating Bill Shaffer’s 60th birthday with his wife, Liz, and some close friends. It was even more special to see your father-in-law and wish him a happy 96th.
    Tutti’s is a great place.

  3. Great restaurant and Maria and Pasquale make it so special.

  4. Despite all that has happened to divide and isolate us in the last two years, there are still many “good and caring people left!
    Glad you all had fun

  5. Jeffrey Wieser

    Maria and Pasquale are the Best! And Tutti’s has become a steady Westport institution – with the best Chicken Scarp…. Great, worthy unsung choice.

  6. Maria Funicello

    Thank you!! To the Kravitz family, and all the rest. Very heart felt!❤

  7. Nice!!!

    Really enjoy the food and warm atmosphere at Tutti’s. Been relying on takeout since the pandemic, but always a feel good experience even before chowing down.

    …oh, Happy 96th!

  8. Brian & Nancy Strong

    Tutti’s is such a wonderful example of why we all
    Love Westport so much.

  9. Tutti’s è un tesoro.

  10. My favorite restaurant in Westport! Marie makes everybody feel welcome and the Chef is excellent,
    will celebrate my 96th there.

  11. Great place for a celebratory event or a cooks night out. Have had birthday, anniversary and New Years Eve dinner at Tutti’s. Maria and Francesco are the best!
    A very happy birthday to your father-in-law

  12. Rhona Lieberson

    Tuttis is the BEST!!! The food, warmth, smiles, friendliness of Maria, Pasqual and of course Joe and often his wife. This is the closest to an excellent restaurant with a reputation of being like family.

    AND, in all the approximate 20 plus years that I have been having many meals at Tuttis, I cannot remember any that were disappointing!!!
    Thank you, Maria, Pasqual and your wonderful kids!!
    Rhona Lieberson

  13. We love Tutti’s. Maria is so warm and welcoming, she makes us feel like part of the family. Going there is like going home!

  14. We were lucky enough to be eating outside that evening. When the balloons went by we weren’t sure if it was 96 or 69. We asked and
    had a great time singing Happy Birthday as the very spry 96 year old walked by our table.

    And yes- Tutti’s is special- great food and owners!!

  15. Michael Rubino

    Tutti’s I love it, Marie and her husband Pasquale are awesome. They certainly seem to make everyone that comes in the door special. Joe and his wife are also the best along with the rest of the staff. I would have to say being in the restaurant industry for many years and knowing excellent Italian cuisine Tutti’s is rated a “10” all around. One of the best Connecticut has to offer.

  16. Jo Shields Sherman

    A very special place, even without a special occasion!