Roundup: Election Questions, Oka, Harvest Moon …


This election season, the LWV Westport is sponsoring 2 candidate debates.

And they want your questions.

The 7 p.m. sessions — broadcast on Cablevision Channel 79 — are October 25 (Boards of Selectmen, Finance and Assessment Appeals) and October 26 (Planning & Zoning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, Board of Education).

Questions should be emailed to


Oka is a posh British furnishing and home goods store, with 13 UK locations.

Its first US store opened earlier this year, in Houston. Coming soon: Dallas.

And this spring: Westport.

After extensive renovation, Oka moves into the former Banana Republic building on Main Street. (For years before that, it was Klein’s Department Store.)

New York Times readers throughout the region saw an advertising insert on Sunday. The Westport opening was featured on the cover, along with a 15% off offer. Just use the code “NYTIMES15.”

It’s good until October 22. Online, of course! (Hat tip: Jeff Jacobs)


If you’re looking for a photo that encompasses nearly every aspect of life in Westport, this is it.

Paul Delano’s Imperial Avenue image from earlier this morning shows a school bus picking up one youngster, as a car waits. A jogger approaches. And — of course — a deer calmly crosses the road.

“The drivers were cautious,” Paul reports. “So everyone went safely on their way.”

(Photo/Paul Delano)


Yesterday’s “06880” noted that Dr. Scott Gottlieb’s book about COVID-19 will be published today.

On October 4 (7 p.m.), the former FDA head — and our neighbor — will speak about it at the Westport Library. The event will also be livestreamed.

He’ll be interviewed by another familiar TV face (and Westporter): CNN’s Alisyn Camerota.

Click here for registration and more information.


Seth Goltzer’s Harvest Moon shot was Sunday’s Pic of the Day.

He was back at Compo Beach last night, to photograph another moonrise. Other Westporters sent similar images. This was the most dramatic.

(Photo/seth Goltzer)

Meanwhile, Franco Fellah of the Westport Astronomical Society snapped this shot. I don’t know what kind of camera and/or telescope he used, but it sure feels like he was close.

(Photo/Franco Fellah)


Did you know that the praying mantis is Connecticut’s official state insect?

Did you know that our state even has an official insect?

Or why?

Whatever. Here is a gorgeous “Westport … Naturally” shot, courtesy of Sharon Fiarman.

(Photo/Sharon Fiarman)


And finally … on this date in 1981, Sandra Day O’Connor was unanimously approved (!) by the Senate as the nation’s first female Supreme Court justice.

Forty years later, that number has exploded to … three.

5 responses to “Roundup: Election Questions, Oka, Harvest Moon …

  1. John D McCarthy

    Wow, “unanimously approved (!) by the Senate.” How things have changed over the last 40 years.

  2. Linda Pomerant Novis

    (Re Sharon Fiarman’s praying mantis photo).. Just last week, here,Longmeadow,Mass.,
    early one morn, our son (with high functioning autism- and quite a phobia of bugs:-) pointed to our dining room wall where a praying mantis then perched on a bookshelf .(I’d last seen one in our Weston,Ct. house,60 years ago..) Our son then went to find his dad, who then found a cardboard box to help the preying mantis;my husband then took this outside, in the grass..:-)

    I Certainly never knew of this being ‘Connecticut’s official state instinct’-(we then figured, with Longmeadow,here, being just over the Ct-Ma. state line, perhaps this one lost his direction, somehow,getting back to Ct..?!)

    Thank for this,Dan!

  3. Very cool pic

  4. David J. Loffredo

    Not a fan of the money grabbing doctors and politicians writing books about a Pandemic that’s still not completely under control. Pretty pathetic, hope it works out better than Cuomo’s disaster.