Police And Schools: Traffic Enforcement, Safety Are Key Goals

After this morning’s report that a Westport police officer will be assigned to patrol our 5 elementary and 2 middle schools (one is already assigned to Staples High), a reader wondered about the officer’s role.

Police Chief Foti Koskinas explains that that main objective is “better safety,” particularly “significant traffic enforcement around school zones.” That includes roadways near schools, parking lots and buses.

The officer will check each school daily. He or she will also work with the WPD’s Public Safety division, to study and make suggestions for better signage near school zones.

The officer’s primary duty is not to enter the schools. “That’s a very limited role,” Koskinas notes.

However, the officer will have specialized training, similar to Staples’ School Resource Officer. He or she will be able to see any issues involving students through the entire process, from beginning to end.

During COVID last year, a student decorated a rock for the Westport Police Department. (Photo/Amy Berkin)

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