Pics Of The Day #1615

The harvest moon shined on, a couple of hours ago

(Photos/Seth Goltzer)

One response to “Pics Of The Day #1615

  1. Wow! And oh, so lovely.

    I’d forgotten about (and therefore missed viewing) this moon-event. I was in “another head space” today. I’m sure many can relate. 😉

    These Compo scenes are beautiful. Brings me back “home”.

    Thanks for sharing these photos!

    I’ve been rather introspective about (and distracted) with the SpaceX/NASA/Inspiration4 mission that just returned to Earth yesterday. I happened upon the Netflix doc about how these four people “came together” and I was drawn in by the process! Just amazing … and confirming to me how humanity isn’t all that bad … sometimes.

    And man, look at that moon!

    Peace! 🙏🙏🙏