Stephanie Bass’ Driveway Showcase

Stephanie Bass — a 72-year-old divorced grandmother who was diagnosed with ADD as an adult, and worked at jobs like publishing, marketing, credit card redemption, teacher and Trader Joe’s cashier — was well on her way to a new career as a standup comedian (because, why not?) when the pandemic struck.

Comedy clubs were one of COVID’s many casualties. Packing people in a room while other people spoke into a microphone has not been a thing for the past 18 months.

Stephanie Bass, at the Gotham Comedy Club.

But Stephanie wanted to make people laugh.

Every day, she wrote a message in chalk. She placed the board at the top of her driveway, on Sherwood Drive.

The short road off Compo Hill is not a high traffic area. Yet thanks to social media, Stephanie’s words found an appreciate audience.

One sign read: “If CVS didn’t call me 4 times a day, I’d have no social life.”

Another: “Miss honking at lousy Westport drivers.”

And: “If this is it, sorry I didn’t eat more bacon and ice cream.”

Everyone could relate to “Good News: Moved upstairs to guest room to combat cabin fever. Bad news: My, my iPhone and my charger are never on the same floor.”

As spring gave way to the summer of George Floyd, and then to the presidential election, Stephanie’s chalkboard took on a political edge.

“France called,” she wrote one day. “They want their statue back, and said not to visit.”

She described the days after November 3 — when the result was still in doubt — as “worse than waiting for the results of a pregnancy test.”

Now Stephanie has collected her chalkboard thoughts in a book. “Driveway Showcase: A Comedian’s Year in Lockdown” has just been published.

Like any new author, she’s looking forward to her first book signing. It’s September 26, from noon to 3 p.m. (Books will be available there.)

The location is perfect: Stephanie’s driveway.

Head up Compo Hill, next to Joey’s by the Shore. Take a right on Sherwood Drive. You’ll see it there.

Of course, there will be a sign.

(To order a copy of Driveway Showcase, click here.)

5 responses to “Stephanie Bass’ Driveway Showcase

  1. Indefatigable, energetic, tireless are a few words that describe her. I used to like the Gotham Comedy Club. As a general rule, if you made it to Gotham, you had talent. This woman has talent.

  2. Right on, Stephanie! Keep making us laugh, please!

  3. Stephanie, the dream is coming true. And no one deserves it more than you.

  4. Susan Gold Falkenstein

    Someone who tells it like it is, always with her heart and soul.
    You go girl!!!

  5. Made the pandemic bearable.. in fact for a moment a day …hysterical. If i were you… I would do like Abby Hoffman said.. Steal this book!