Roundup: Auto Thefts, Christian Siriano, Kids Are Talking …


A rash of auto thefts has rattled Westport.

Yesterday, the Police Department said it’s joining law enforcement agencies from Fairfield, Bridgeport, Stratford, Monroe and Newtown in a regional motor vehicle theft task force.  They’ll develop a comprehensive effort to deter auto theft and arrest those responsible.

Police Chief Foti Koskinas says that by “sharing resources and information with other communities that are also experiencing a large number of motor vehicle thefts, our ability to solve these crimes increases exponentially. While the theft of cars may seem like a youthful indiscretion to some, it is important to keep in mind that these stolen vehicles are often used in the commission of very serious crimes such as robberies and shootings.”

In almost every case, stolen vehicles are unlocked with the keys or key fob inside.  So even with the task force and extra officers on patrol, Westport Police urge (again and again): Keep your f—ing cars locked! (Expletive is mine.)

Please steal my car!


Since moving to Westport, Christian Siriano has kept a relatively low profile.

But last night, the world got a glimpse of his digs.

MTV Cribs featured the world renowned fashion designer. A few days earlier, People magazine previewed the show.

They noted that his bedroom is “definitely bigger” than his New York apartment.

“The spacious room, which is decorated in neutral tones, features a large set of wide glass doors opening to a deck that overlooks the Project Runway alum’s sprawling yard,” People wrote.

Siriano said: “What I love about it is that you wake up every single morning to crazy, natural sunlight every day. We have no curtains, which is kind of wild. You have to be very comfortable being naked. Luckily there’s no neighbors around.”

(Click here for the full People story. Hat tip: Tracy Porosoff)


What do Senator Elizabeth Warren, Fannie Mae chair Sheila Bair and Westonite Amy Weisman have in common?

All were just named to Forbes’ “50 Over 50” in finance list. They’re “shaping the future of finance, fueling high-growth businesses and forging a more innovative and inclusive financial future.”

In 2017, Weisman — then 53 years old, and managing director of business development for Sterling Investment Partners — co-founded Exponent Women, a membership network for senior women in private equity. After 30 years working in finance (while caring for her children and parents), she wanted to do more to support female dealmakers.

Last year, the Wall Street Journal named Weisman one of “10 Women to Watch in Private Equity.” She began her career as an analyst at Smith Barney.

Click here for the full Forbes list.

Amy Weisman


Westport psychologist Dr. Don Cohen’s upcoming livestream focuses on an important topic. Titled “Kids Are Talking: Antisemitism — What Jewish Teens Want You to Know,” it’s set for September 23 (7 p.m.), in partnership with the ADL.

The new livestream format on Facebook, Twitch and YouTube has previously covered topics including body image, modern gender and sexuality; drug
use and abuse; romantic and sexual relationships; social misinformation, and mental health challenges.

Videos are found at,,, and

A retro poster.


Attention “left-leaning, like-minded political activists”: ReSisters & Misters) is meeting Sunday (September 19, 1 p.m.) for painting, postcarding, Afghan refugee action, socializing and more. Contact for information.


Speaking of politics: A rally for women’s reproductive rights is set for October 2 (1 p.m., Ruth Steinkraus Cohen Bridge). Click here for more information.

A rally earlier this month on the Ruth Steinkraus Cohen Bridge featured signs like these.


Heartlent — the local social strategy and creative content agency — just celebrated its 1st anniversary.

Among the highlights, they:

  • Created unique concept and content for Clemson Football’s social feeds celebrating their first ever #1 Overall NFL Draft Pick, Trevor Lawrence
  • Won 11 awards with their Rock the Vote “Hoopers Vote” campaign
  • Worked with Denver Nuggets sponsor Western Union to create unique content celebrating star center Nikola Jokic’s MVP honors
  • Created the opening day #MLSisBack graphic
  • Supported Joe Biden’s Presidential Campaign with creative, digital and social assets
  • Designed the shirt worn by New York Knick Immanuel Quickley at Madison Square Garden
  • Launched “Remotely Renee”, where Atlanta Dreams co-owner Renee Montgomery announced her retirement from the WNBA
  • Partnered with Opendorse to provide social strategy and content for student athletes and universities in advance of NIL (name, image, likeness).

That’s quite a list for one year. Congratulations to managing partner (and Westporter) Elliot Gerard, and all!


“06880” has featured Gloria — the late Alan Sterling’s weather-beaten oyster boat — often. But today marks its first appearance as a “Westport … Naturally” feature. It sits in Gray’s Creek, deteriorating but surrounded by plenty of life.

(Photo/Matt Murray)


And finally … today is my sister Laurie’s birthday. She shares a name with the title of one of the creepiest songs ever recorded.

The dead-teen genre was (ahem) alive and well in the 1950s and ’60s. Who can forget “Teen Angel,” “Tell Laura I Love Her,” “Last Kiss” or “Leader of the Pack”?

But for sheer, sad weirdness, nothing beats Dickey Lee’s tear-jerker.

16 responses to “Roundup: Auto Thefts, Christian Siriano, Kids Are Talking …

  1. Shiela Bair was my boss at the FDIC. She was not the chair of Fannie Mae!

  2. The insurance policy for any auto that is left unlocked with the key fob in the car should have a clearly written loss exception to exclude any loss to such vehicle. Finance companies would have to require additional coverage, perhaps in a separate policy, to protect their interest in such vehicles. Why should the rest of us pay for the carelessness and negligence of those who do not take basic precaution?

    • Great idea, Ed !!!!!!!!!

    • Werner Liepolt

      Locking the car (which I agree should be done) will prevent only the laziest and lowest tech thieves… Keyless entry fobs can be scanned from a distance (keep your keyless fob in a metal can or cup when not in use), electronically blocked, or —if you’ve got a remote start app on your phone—cloned. They are just as vulnerable as credit cards.

      How would one prove to one’s insurance company that the now-stolen car had been locked?

      Car thieves not car owners are criminals… Let’s not heap blame on the victim.

      • Except you are missing the point that a majority of the thefts in our local communities seem to be from people leaving things unlocked and keys readily accessible. Its plain stupid. I agree that insurance companies should be able to deny a claim for a car left unlocked with keys readily accessible overnight. In fact, I’d go so far as to fine the owner that let the vehicle get stolen! Its bringing more criminals into the area, eventually crimes could escalate and become more dangerous. After all, wasn’t there just a law passed about stolen firearms, and now owners of firearms can be held liable if its left in a vehicle unsecured? How is a vehicle any different? Some of these vehicles being stolen are causing serious accidents, being used in the commission of crimes, etc. Finally, there are ways to reduce a key fob being cloned. There are settings that can be disabled, keys kept in a more secure location/pouch. As for the remote start apps, I’d love if you can please cite where that is true. I don’t think it is. Even if one can remote start a vehicle via app, most vehicles require the key fob to be present to drive the vehicle away.

        • Werner Liepolt

          Fining the victim of a crime doesn’t seem rational to me. And how would that work? Again, how could you prove that you had locked your car to satisfy your insurance company?

          As for “how would that work?” Do you think I’d spell out a lesson in thievery? May I suggest a modicum of research?

          Friends in two neighborhoods have reported that their internet services have been interrupted during the night. They have looked looked outside and seen people near their houses possibly using scanning to steal identities or access vehicles from devices in their houses. WPD has responded to their calls and verified that activity.

          What you find hard to believe is the fact that electronic thievery is completely feasible.

          Our penchant for the latest technology does not go unnoticed by those who would prey on us.

          Me, I’m considering going old school with a keyed ignition for my next vehicle.

          • I’d tend to agree its not rational, but its the direction laws are going. Can’t have it both ways, right? Homeowners policies have similar clauses, such as proof of forced entry, to pay out of theft of property.

            As for internet being interrupted and someone stealing a car, I would bet money its unrelated. FOBs use a completely different frequency than WiFi. Further more, scanning would not interrupt WiFi. Its probably just Optimum having their usual issues.

            I never said electronic thievery isn’t possible. Its highly unlikely someone is hacking phones, remote starting vehicle, and driving off with the vehicle. The primary threat vector in town seems to be centered around people leaving their property unsecured and readily accessible. Wouldnt surprise me if there is some FOB scanning/intercepting going on. Turn off the proximity unlock, and if possible, store their FOBs in a secure location, both physically, and potentially in a bag/box that blocks the frequency.

            • Werner Liepolt

              I’d count on an insurance policy to tell me what is actuarially profitable for the insurance company and not base moral judgements on their policies.

              Berating people to lock their cars is okay with me. I do lock my car, and I think everyone should. Berating is something I try not to do.

              Threatening them with fines of worse for not locking their cars on their own property is off-kilter… kind of like when some men used to blame women who wore mini skirts for inviting sexual assault.

              • OK so I take it you disagree with the new state law that a gun owner can be arrested for leaving a handgun inside a locked vehicle, if someone breaks into the vehicle, and steals the gun? Because that sure sounds like fining a victim…

                • Werner Liepolt

                  That’s a misstatement of the law. And off the topic where it seems you want to be.

                  The crime is failure to lock an unregistered firearm on a lockbox or trunk.

                  No, of course I don’t disagree with any law. And if I did I’d work to get it changed.

  3. In the Don Cohen segment- spell check says- it should be ANTIsemitism- not ANITsemitism.

  4. Dan, the Christian Siriano mention killed me! ‘MTV Cribs’???? Ya gotta know your readers and something tells me the majority of them have never heard of the show! I had no idea it was still on!

    Happy Bday to your sister.

  5. The best deterrent against car theft is a manual transmission.