Pics Of The Day #1607

Today’s reading of names at New York’s 9/11 Memorial honored victims from around the world. It had a bit of a Westport feel, though. Andrew Colabella was one of the readers — and a featured singer was fellow Westporter Kelli O’Hara. (Photo/Andrew Colabella)

Motorcycles mass before the start of the CT Ride United this morning, at Sherwood Island State Park. The event honored victims and first responder of 9/11. (Photo/Penny Pearlman)

David Squires reports: “This morning at I-95 Exit 18, I stood with many strangers with a lump in my throat, as thousands of motorcycles roared past on their trek of remembrance. I was heart warmed and saddened at this milestone. Flags, peace signs, waves and rumbling vibrations passed before me and through me. It seemed like “a good thing.” (Photo/David Squires)

An American flag framed the motorcyclists — a reminder of the attack on that fateful day. (Photo/JC Martin)

2 responses to “Pics Of The Day #1607


  2. Dick Westbrook

    This parade was the most disrespectful tribute I’ve ever seen for anything. Blasting music, Hootin’ and hollerin’, screaming, throwing cigarettes and trash, and blocking traffic forever. I know if I died – in any fashion – I wouldn’t want to be commemorated by 1000 people I didn’t know riding their motorcycles through my once peaceful town, now more akin to Sturgis!!