Dave Briggs: Business’ Biggest Booster

For 18 months, COVID has devastated the globe.

It’s also been really good for Westport.

That’s the counterintuitive — but strongly held — view of Dave Briggs.

“People are reluctant to say it. And I’m not downplaying all the damage it’s done, and the lives it’s impacted,” says the longtime Westporter, and former Fox News, NBC Sports and CNN broadcaster.

“But because of COVID, we have hundreds of new residents who love it here. Downtown is being revived. It feels alive. New stores are opening. The vacancy rate is way down.

“There are new restaurants everywhere. There’s so much positive energy all over town.”

Dave Briggs

Briggs says it’s “tragic” that some restaurants and shops did not make it through the pandemic.

For the many that did though, it’s time to do three things.

“Let’s introduce our businesses to our residents, new and old. Let’s help them out, by telling their stories. And let’s celebrate what they’ve done to our town during COVID.”

Briggs is just the guy to do it.

For a number of months he’s parlayed his media background into a series of Instagram Live interviews, with intriguing area residents. Now he’s taking his platform one step further.

Using Instagram Live, Facebook Live (both @DaveBriggsTV), and then archived on his YouTube channel, he’ll highlight local business owners.

Restaurants, retail stores, spas, gyms, services like Vivid-Tek and home stagers — all will be part of his as-yet-unnamed venture. So will businesses like Merican Mule (premium cocktail brand) and Q-Collar (concussion product), which are locally based, yet still low-profile.

First up: The Granola Bar.

“Julie (Mountain) and Dana (Noorily) are two of my favorite business owners,” Briggs says.

“They started from the ground up with a coffee shop, when I’m sure many people said ‘Don’t do it.’ Now they have 5 stores, and a truck. They’ve got a great story.”

Briggs envisions other subjects, including people who are thinking about starting their own business.

He likes the immediacy of Instagram Live and Facebook Live (and knows that different people prefer one over the other). Both offer the ability to ask questions and respond in real time.

Social media is “a small business’s best medium to tell people about themselves,” Briggs says. “But not a lot of owners know how to use it well.”

Dave Briggs does.

Click on. Tune in. And celebrate all the good things that came out of COVID.

(Watch @DaveBriggsTV on Instagram Live and Facebook Live. Got an idea? Email DaveBriggs1976@gamil.com.)

15 responses to “Dave Briggs: Business’ Biggest Booster

  1. Briggs may think Covid is a net positive for Westport, and Briggs may be sorry that some goddamned busineses “did not make it”, but I doubt those who lost loved ones, rather than businesses would agree that Covid is a net positive. No surprise here that Briggs came over from Fox…President Calvin Coolidge, who Briggs would have loved, said “The business of America is business.” Well, It’s not, Briggs; business promotion may be your business but saying Covid is a positive in any way, is spitting on the graves of over 300,000 souls. So f… you, sir.

  2. Robbie Guimond

    Ouch ! Dan Katz , kinda harsh… no? While covid has been and still is a world tragedy, let’s try to lift people up during such dark times…..or maybe not and throw darts. Guess that’s perspective. Have a great labor day and be safe.

    • I do believe there are silver linings in everything including the pandemic. But I’d like to hear the positive take-away from just plain people. That would be more authentic.

  3. Perhaps a bit harsh, Robbie; but to bemoan the loss of some businesses and NOT EVEN MENTION loss of life and its ripple effect is simply inexplicable…no?

  4. Clark Thiemann

    I don’t begrudge anyone making a living, but are these news/public interest interviews or paid infomercials? Either is fine, but I think it’s important to at least let your viewers know who is paying the bills. As a former journalist I have the same issue with magazines that arrive at my door in which all the articles are written by the advertisers.

    • Clark, no one is paying me anything — beyond reader contributions. Like Dave, I try to spotlight Westport businesses whenever and however I can. “06880” is advertising-free, and will remain that way.

      • Clark Thiemann

        Sorry Dan! Didn’t mean to say you! I know the way you operate and respect it! I was asking what Dave’s business was here.

        • Hah! No problem. Thanks! As for Dave, he’s doing this as a service to Westport too. He truly believes in our small businesses, and wants to spotlight them (and our town) as best he can.

  5. Since Dave recently joined Pro Cannabis Media as one of their anchors I’d like to hear his views and interviews with both sides of the Westport community regarding the growth, sale, storage and manufacture of cannabis products. Dave is clearly in favor of it.

  6. Edward Iannone

    Dave, thanks for shining the spotlight on Westport’s small businesses. Small businesses allow the brave to pursue their passions and can be the foundation for many American dreams.

    As a practical matter, a healthy business base in Westport helps to keep our property taxes low and allows many of us to afford to live in this great town. We all need to whatever we can to support local establishments.

    Oh, and in an article about work, on Labor Day, I think you appropriately addressed the human tragedy of Covid. Haters gonna hate.

    Ed Iannone

  7. While no one is insensitive to the fact that there has been tremendous suffering and loss for so many this past year, we should support a positive outlook for the future of the Westport community.
    Thank you to Dave Briggs for his support and promotion of Westport businesses….many of whom have struggled to keep their doors open and support their families.

  8. Clark, FYI, anyone familiar with this blog and its publisher, knows damned well that, were any of the posts paid for in any way, he would have let his readers know. Despite the jaundiced attitude you have gotten from “magazines” you receive that are nothing but ads disguised as journals, Woog is not of that ilk, which you would have known had you familiarized yourself better with the goings on.

  9. Life has indeed changed for all of us and it’s been horrific for many. That is tragic. However, I do believe David is being optimistic and citing ways to make lemonade out of lemons. Or perhaps behind a dark cloud there is some sort of sliver lining or a rainbow after a storm. Not to minimize the losses suffered during the pandemic, but we must move forward and create.

    And who knows, maybe we will find a cure for a terminal disease while trying to eradicate covid. There are so many opportunities and this is one big mother of necessity that will end up fueling endless invention that will help us all.

    We got this!!!!!!

  10. Dave Briggs seems to be overloaded with a White-Privilege Attitude. His comments come across as gloating about how the rich enclave of Westport Ct has managed to profit (in spite of, or because of) the disease and death. Why are these people relocating from New York and other big cities to rural Westport? Fear of Covid 19! And who but the rich could even afford to relocate in this kind of situation? Instead of gloating, I think Westport and all it’s now “safe” new residents should be humble and grateful that they could make this choice. The majority of our country are stuck where they were when this whole epidemic began.

  11. I am a first hand recipient of Dan’s power as a genuine influencer in our town and am humbled that he has encouraged, supported and helped raise awareness about me and my small Aartisan chocolate business since I started in 2014. I would also like to reiterate that he is one of the dying breed of journalist who write from the heart and do not publish paid infomercials like so many do.
    I look forward to meeting Dave Briggs and share the silver linings that last year brought despite the dark clouds that affected all of us.