Winslow Park Cleanup: The Sequel

Last Wednesday’s “Unsung Hero” feature highlighted the work of an older, unnamed man.

Quietly, consistently and anonymously, he’s been cleaning up Winslow Park for years. He picks up branches and trash. He removes invasive vines. He follows the mantra: “Leave this place better than you find it.”

A collage of Winslow Park’s cleanup projects. (Photos/Rita Corridon)

Readers quickly identified Winslow’s savior as Lowrie Gibb. A longtime Westporter — and the father of actress/singer/dancer Cynthia Gibb, a Staples graduate and founder of Triple Threat Academy — he was known to many for his long stewardship of town properties.

Wendy Crowther wrote:

He has been a park advocate since at least the late1990s when I first met him. He has quietly worked behind the scenes in all seasons at Winslow Park to tidy up the overgrowth that encroaches upon the pathways and chokes the trees. He is a good and humble man who does this just because he cares.

He’s also in amazing shape, despite his advancing age, because he works so hard not only in Winslow but also because he’s a runner, swimmer and skater – all using the Westport amenities he loves so much at Longshore and Compo Beach.

After the story ran, Jo Shields Sherman was at the dog park. Turns out, he knew nothing about the accolades.

Lowrie Gibb, with Goldie. (Photo/Jo Shields Sherman)

She writes:

Wendy’s description was spot-on wonderful of this very special man.

I read all the comments to him. He was totally humbled, in amazed and appreciative disbelief. He was so touched to hear what “06880” readers had to say. “No, no! Really?” he repeated.

He then mentioned that he has new thoughts and plans to discuss for improvements around town. Given his thoughtful take and naturalist’s eye for our special corner of the world and all he has done for it so far (far beyond the piling of twigs!), we could all benefit to listen, and listen well, to our own Lowrie Gibb.

In addition, Jo says, Lowrie created many of the trails in Winslow Park. He’s planted elm trees around town too.

Westport is a wonderful place, for many reasons. Lowrie Gibb is just one of them.

But why should he have to clean up alone? We all share in the beauty and wonder of our town.

Let’s all be a little like Lowrie Gibb. If you see something that needs cleaning, fixing or straightening: Do it yourself.

Lawrie Gibb is an inspiration. Now it’s up to us to follow his lead.



10 responses to “Winslow Park Cleanup: The Sequel

  1. Thank you Lowrie. You are wonderful. Always a pleasure to see you at the dog park with your sweet pup.

  2. Inspiring and admirable. That said, isn’t this a town responsibility?

  3. Roberta Eggart

    I have not lived in Westport since 2004 but the minute I read your Windslow Park comments I knew the unnamed man was Lowrie Gibb. Good for you, Lowrie for continuing to beautify the park and create trails for everyone’s
    Use and pleasure.
    Roberta Eggart

  4. Thank you Lowrie. Thank you. Ken Bernhard

  5. Jayne Mauborgne

    I met Lowry years ago, before Winslow was deemed an open space dog park. He was faithfully at every single meeting at Town Hall, fighting to keep the park as open space. He sa w the importance of having green areas in our town, not only Winslow but all over our town. He is a true environmentalist who believes once open space is developed it is gone forever. Thanks Lowry. In many ways we owe Winslow to your efforts. Jayne Mauborgne

  6. Donald Bergmann

    Lowry makes wonderful contributions to our parks and other aspects of Westport. Of course so does Wendy Crowther. Both are also delightful to speak with and share their appreciation of nature.
    Don Bergmann

  7. Elisabeth Rose

    How wonderful to discover the person who is responsible for creating the paths and for maintaining them! All these years I always wondered. And then to discover you’re my Italian student, Cynthia’s, dad! Very cool!
    Please let us know if you ever want help with clean-up in the park.

    Thank you for all you’ve done,

    Elisabeth and Sophie (and my late great dogs who so loved the park)

  8. Jacque O'Brien

    Thank you Lowrie, for your care of our environment. I would love to hear more on your new thoughts and plans for improvements around town.

  9. that’s Goldie, not Rosie! she is 13 years old and loves going to the park with him!

  10. Lowry was truly an unsung hero during the Westport Beautification Committee’s Re-greening of the Post Road. He donated and planted several of his beautiful Elm trees on the median between the Sherwood Island Connector and Roseville Road. I silently thank him so many times as I drive by, enjoying the natural beauty of that strip of the Post Road. One more significant legacy Lowery has left to Westport.