Roundup: Weston Market, Baron’s South, Parks & Rec Programs …


Peter’s Market closed in January. For 7 months, Weston residents — and their neighbors in northern Weston — have schlepped to Westport or Wilton for basic needs.

Soon — “as soon as possible,” in fact — Lily’s Market will open in Weston Shopping Center. The news was first reported by Weston Today.

Among the familiar faces: Jay Stasko, who worked at Peter’s on and off since he was 16 (and whose daughter is Lily), and DJ Hall, who managed it for 22 years.

Westporter Mark McWhirter will head up the business side.

Also in the works; Weston Pharmacy. The goal for Ken and Susan Lee — who signed the lease — is to open in early September. (Hat tip: Dick Wingate)

Coming soon: Lily’s Weston Market


Registration for Westport Parks & Recreation fall programs begins online on Wednesday, September 8 (9 a.m.)..

Programs are available by clicking here. Visit us at to view our upcoming Fall programs!

Administrators say: “Please log into your online account to verify your family information. Once you have logged into your account, click ‘manage family members’ on the bottom right. To view more details, click the name of the member you want to view. Please check email addresses provided and other personal information that may have changed. Make any necessary changes and hit ‘save’ at the end.”

Have an address change? Email

If you cannot log into your online account, do not create another profile. Email or call us 203-341-5152 for help.


The Parks & Recreation Commission meets next Wednesday (7:30 p.m., Zoom) to review 2 Baron’s South conceptual plans. To attend via Zoom, use Meeting ID 840 1308 5788; Passcode 398959.

What’s next for Baron’s South? The Parks & Recreation Commission will begin discussing the issue next Wednesday . (Photo/Cathy Walsh)


Heather Frimmer’s new book, “Better to Trust,” launches with a party at the Westport Library. It’s September 21 (7 p.m.), and includes an interview with Suzy Leopold.

Click here to register (in-person or virtually), and obtain a signed copy.


Today’s “Westport … Naturally” contribution is not, notes Margo Amgott, “cute fawns, bunnies, local turkeys or fuzzy bears.” It is, however, what’s been hanging out at her house.

(Photo/Margo Amgott)

“Her web is about 4 feet wide,” Margo describes. (I have no idea how she determined its gender.)

“She’s still most of the day. But a half hour or so every day she spins (pun intended) into action.

“She’s got long black stockings and gloves, yellow markings, and is about 2 feet inches long. She has a large sac (venom? Babies?).

“We are terrified but also charmed. Anyone know what she is?”

If so, click Comments below. And let Margo know whether she should be completely charmed. Or totally terrified.


And finally … Charlie Watts’ passing marks the end of an era. The Rolling Stones’ drummer (and bandmate of our neighbor Keith Richards) died yesterday in London. He was 80.

The New York Times called his style “strong but unflashy.” It cited his work on 3 songs in particular as emblematic of the group’s success:

“He was relentless on “Paint It, Black” (No. 1 in 1966), supple on “Ruby Tuesday” (No. 1 in 1967) and the master of a funky cowbell groove on “Honky Tonk Women” (No. 1 in 1969).”

Thanks, Charlie. You gave us plenty of satisfaction.


7 responses to “Roundup: Weston Market, Baron’s South, Parks & Rec Programs …

  1. Ilene Mirkine

    A two-foot spider, potentially with babies?! So there might be more in time for Halloween?!

  2. Hi Margo, you probably meant 2 inches long. The spider is non-venomous and beneficial to gardens. Here’s some info

    • Barbara Sherburne '67

      Very interesting article, Larry. According to the article, this spider grows to a little more than 1-inch long, and the males are smaller than the females.

  3. Tracy MacMath

    That is an orb weaver – most likely a Black and Yellow Garden Spider. Females are larger than males, but there is no way that this spider can be two feet long. Their webs are about that size.

  4. Lisa Flanagan

    Looks like a yellow garden spider, a species of orb weavers.
    The yellow garden spider (Argiope aurantia) is an arachnid that connects itself to its web to feel vibrations that signal to him prey has been caught. Its venom is harmless to humans but perfect for catching smaller insects that might cause harm to your garden. Yellow garden spiders web construction process includes bridge construction and scaffolding, making it among the more complicated web patterns.

  5. So glad about the apparently happy ending to the Peter’s Market saga. The store has been the soul of our little town, where you can get fantastic fresh food (especially the meat and fish), see your friends, and occasionally stumble into Keith Richards, Christopher Walken, James Naughton and other familiar faces from stage and screen. Hope more folks from Northern WESTPORT come by too, to celebrate the reopening of one of the few local groceries left in these parts.

  6. John Richers

    Re: Charlie Watts: Two of my Charlie favorites have been “Beast of Burden” and “Get Off of my Cloud”.