Photo Challenge #347

The Compo Beach bathhouses are old and grotty.

But … they serve a purposes: storage for chairs, umbrellas and other summer gear.

They’re great for kids to race around in, and play hide-and-seek — as they have for generations.

And the locks that each renter puts on his or her locker are very, very colorful.

Kevin Carroll’s lock collage was last week’s Photo Challenge. It was too easy, complained many of the readers who quickly identified the location: Joyce Barnhart, Dave Lowrie, Elaine Marino, Gloria Smithson, Rich Stein, Seth Braunstein, John Richers, Andrew Colabella, Jo Ann Flaum, Lynn Untermeyer Miller, Arlene Blackman Yolles, Nancy Axthelm and Lawrence Joel Zlatkin.

Sure, it was. But you probably got the answer as you relaxed on the sand, in your beach chair, just after toting it a few yards from your locker.

That’s an “06880” summer Sunday for you.

Here is this week’s Photo Challenge. If you know where in Westport you’d see it, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Peter Tulupman)

20 responses to “Photo Challenge #347

  1. Near Sconset Square?

  2. Deadman’s brook by the running shoe store but across the way on the home side

  3. Nash’s Dam on King’s Highway North.

  4. From Nash’s Pond toward Kings Hwy N

  5. Nash’s pond seen from Kings highway.

  6. Off Post Road West & Kings Highway, Nash’s Pond.

  7. John D McCarthy

    the phone company building on Myrtle

  8. The waterfall on King’s Highway North?

  9. Oh, great, now half of Westport wants my head.

  10. Deadman’s Brook along back of Violet Lane/Myrtle Ave

  11. Nash’s Pond waterfall at Kings Highway North.
    It water continues flowing as Stony Brook as it become obvious again at Sylvan Rd and Riverside Ave as it exits into Saugatuck River.

  12. Willowbrook Cemetary

  13. Nash Pond end ?

  14. Nash’s Pond. N. Kings Highway by the old ice house..

  15. Lynn Untermeyer Miller

    The “semi-secret” waterfalls from Nash’s Pond to Kings Highway North.

  16. the south end of nashes pond, just before kings highway, where stony brook continues to the saugatuck

  17. I think that’s alongside the telephone switching station across from (is it still called?) Sherwood Square. Near Violet Lane.

  18. It’s water going over the spillway at the Nash Pond Dam, at #9-15 Kings Highway North.

  19. Dan — don’t keep us in suspense! It’s been over 22 hours!

  20. It is … the water over the spillway at Nash’s Pond dam (as Kristan Nash points out). It does look like the old telephone company building on Myrtle Avenue — except for the waterfall!

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