La Plage Brings Beach New Vibe (And Menu) To Longshore

Westport’s newest restaurant opens Wednesday, at one of the town’s oldest, most favorite sites.

La Plage takes over the space previously occupied by Pearl, and before that Splash. It’s the restaurant portion of the Inn at Longshore, a property that has never quite taken advantage of its unique location: a spectacular view of the water, nestled next to a golf course and tennis courts.

Killer water views at La Plage.

If last night’s preview is any indication, La Plage will quickly become one of the town’s go-to destinations.

“La Plage” means “the beach” in French. The menu is “coastal.”

Greenwich Hospitality Group — owner of the Delamar Hotels, and the new operator of the Inn — has redecorated  the interior, and updated its dishes, to take full advantage of its assets.

It’s a more-than-worthy addition to the Delamar’s other 2 noted restaurants, Artisan in Southport and L’Escale in Greenwich.

The bright dining room.

Shellfish selections include oysters, clams and shrimps, of course — and an octopus dish with chorizo, fingerling pepper and castelvetrano that will keep its Mediterranean sources hopping.

The “Baked/Grilled/Broiled” portion of the menu is highlighted by a grilled prosciutto pinsa with Bayley Hazen Blue cheese, figs, arugula and spicy honey; a lobster roll, and a variety of pasta, fish and meat dishes. Dessert includes a highly touted Ile flottante with vanilla English cream, caramel and almond, and more.

Much of the interior — light, bright, and beckoning “la plage” — comes from Serena & Lily. That’s just one more way Michael Ryan and his crew have taken Longshore’s venerable Inn, and given it a new Westport vibe.

The redecorated entrance. (Photos/Dan Woog)

La Plage will be open Wednesdays through Sundays, beginning this Wednesday. Click here for the menu, and reservations.


10 responses to “La Plage Brings Beach New Vibe (And Menu) To Longshore

  1. Susan Iseman

    Any idea whether it is open for lunch? Nothing on the website regarding hours.

  2. Any indication that they will offer a ‘golfer friendly’ menu? Seems like a missed opportunity if they don’t do this. Golfers have waited a very long time for this restaurant to open.

    • Fred Roberts

      Yes, a $20 meal is listed on the bottom of the menu. Though, I would not classify that as “golfer friendly”. Overall the whole menu does not seem appealing to the masses. Only for the rich.

    • Based on the menu the answer is definitely NO!!!! Horrible selection. Such a shame.

  3. Celeste Champagne

    The website leaves something to be desired as it does not give hours of operation, and one cannot click and write comments in the space provided. Hope they are opening for lunch AND dinner. Still finding their groove perhaps. But look forward to visiting this newly revitalized space.

    • As with all restaurants these days, staffing is an issue. I am sure they would love to hear from experienced servers, bartenders, front of the house folks …

  4. I remember Cafe De La Plage at the ole mill beach in Westport which was a good french Restaurant –. guess its OK to use almost the same name – hope it is as good.

  5. Does this mean that the terrace (‘the patio’ in days of old) is also open for drinks and/or meals?