Jax Snax: So Cool!

“No one in my house cooks!” says Jack Eigen.

Well, almost no one. He  makes up for the rest of the family.

The Staples High School rising senior plays lacrosse, in that powerhouse program. But even more than the field, the kitchen is Jack’s favorite place

“I’m so relaxed and happy when I cook,” he says.

Jack Eigen

He reads and writes about food. Water for Chocolate — an Advanced Placement Literature assignment — was inspirational. He wrote an essay about the book’s impact on him.

But mostly, Jack cooks.

Three years ago, through his father’s work colleague, Jack snagged work with Valbella’s Raphael Dequeker. He took the train to the upscale Greenwich restaurant; his hours were 2 to 10 p.m.

It was a formative experience. And it solidified Jack’s love for baking.

During COVID, Raphael opened a pop-up bakery. From 5 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. every weekend, Jack helped with delicious croissants, macarons, pralines and chocolates.

His most recent job was at Paci, in Southport. Though hired as a busboy, he got the opportunity to make a key lime tart. That led to a bit of catering.

Now Jack has struck out on his own. Last summer he tweaked Raphael’s custard recipe, and hauled out an old ice cream machine. He made some ice cream, but admits he was not well organized.

This year, he brought it back. The first week — after reaching out to his own and parents’ friends — he made $600 selling pints.

Jack Eigen, in the kitchen.

Now Jax Snax is really cooking.

Jack’s ice cream comes in vanilla bean, vanilla chip, cookie dough, chix, mint chip and snickerdoodle flavors. Custom flavors are available, in 4 pints or more.

Cookie Monster ice cream, made with real cookies.

He’s thinking ahead: perhaps an organic, CBD or alcohol-infused line. Maybe an LLC, and/or a commercial kitchen.

And he’ll donate some of the profits to food-related charities.

Jack is still the only family member who really likes to cook.

But everyone is happy to enjoy Jax Snax.

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5 responses to “Jax Snax: So Cool!

  1. Loved the story….all good luck, Jack. Sounds as though both Ben and Jerry better watch out.

  2. Julie Van Norden

    What a great story! Good luck Jack! Can’t wait to try a pint…or two…or three…

  3. Nick Thompson

    nice to see a positive story and positive comments.

  4. Carol Woldt

    All the best going forward Jack. Just a thought but, Martha Stewart started her empire making cakes and catering for local parties from her home on Turkey Hill road … maybe reach out for some tips.

  5. Katherine Bruan

    I must try all the flavors! Can’t wait! Thanks Dan for the info. And good luck to Jack but it doesn’t look like he needs it.