Photo Challenge #342

Like the blind men and the elephant, everyone had a different way of describing last week’s Photo Challenge.

Was it a pedestrian walkway? A viewing pier? A boardwalk?

Was it near Parker Harding Plaza or Gorham Island? Or over the Saugatuck River?

It was actually all of those things. Larry Untermeyer’s image showed the wooden structure that juts out from Parker Harding Plaza — near Gorham Island — offering pedestrians a great view of the river (including wildlife like nesting swans, and their cygnets).

It’s right next to the star sculpture that Howard Munce once designed — as a fundraiser for the STAR organization — behind what was then Oscar’s (now Rye Ridge Deli. Click here to see.

Elaine Marino, Fred Cantor, Hallie Cirino, Rich Stein, Andrew Colabella, Lynn Untermeyer Miller, Michael Calise and Tom Risch all knew that — however you describe it — it’s one of Westport’s downtown gems.

Readers may have different ways of describing this week’s Photo Challenge, too. If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Breno Donatti)


10 responses to “Photo Challenge #342

  1. Parking garage by the Wright St building?

  2. Wendy Cusick

    I know it a parking garage. I think this is along Rt 33 across from the old firehouse now a restaurant because I recognize the metal railing .
    This is a water connection (water pipe) for the Fire Department. I’m official name is called a stand pipe.
    It probably has a sign ‘FDC’ out of view of the photo. FDC stands for Fire Department Connection.

  3. Gloria Gouveia

    It’s an aluminum standpipe and shut-off valve for a sprinkler system. It’s on the rooftop of a commercial building with a brick parapet likely located on Post Road East.

  4. Gloria Gouveia

    Correction. Make that Wilton Road.

  5. Clark Thiemann

    Top floor of garage across the street from BarTaco.

  6. Adam L Starr

    it is on the commercial building on the west side of Wilton Road about a block north of the Post Road intersection. the Wright Street office building is visible in the background

  7. Richard Stein

    This is the upper parking deck across the way from Bartaco David Waldman building project and everything at the way end of Wilton Road

  8. Ken Gilbertie

    Fire Department Standpipe Connection on the top of the Wilton Road Parking garage opposite the former Save The Children site. Ironically right next door to the original Vigilante Fire Co. firehouse.

  9. Correct — it is the upper deck of the parking garage opposite Bartaco. There were a few clues in the photo, but as always our readers know their town.

  10. Soodie Farley

    Soodie Farley I even knew it … again fr sitting at traffic light on way into WSPT fr NYC; you really get to appreciate WSPT’s nuts & bolts, & interesting fencing because of those long 4 way stops-red lights on the way in & out of WSPT 😉