Roundup: Main Street Patio, Duck Raffle, Remarkable, Invasive Plants …


Today’s “Summer Outdoor Shopping Days” includes opening day for a new downtown merchant.

Local to Market — the new tenant at the old Remarkable Book Shop/Talbots — received approval yesterday to have 2 farms, Silverman’s and Shaggy Coos from Easton, sell their good on the patio. They’ll be there — along with other outdoor vendors downtown — until  6 p.m.

The Local to Market patio is open, across from Cold Fusion.


Westport Sunrise Rotary’s 12th annual Duck Race is on. It’s also the 1st — and, they hope only — one that’s run virtually, as a raffle.

To avoid big crowds, there’s no race. Instead, winners will be selected in a random drawing on dry land August 6.

But the prizes are Duck Race-worthy: one $5,000 Visa gift card; one $2,000 Visa gift card, and 6 $500 Visa gift cards. Money raised helps fund the Sunrise Rotary’s many excellent charitable programs.

Tickets are $25 each. Click here to purchase.

Westport Sunrise Rotary members, with Sunny the Duck.


“Grease is the word …”

“Grease” is also the feature film this Monday (July 19) at the Remarkable Theater drive-in on Imperial Avenue.

The gate opens at 8 p.m. The classic movie begins at 9. Click here for tickets.


Laura Axthelm sends this photo …

… and writes:

Where in Westport would you see this spiky, invasive vine?

“It’s not hard to find. It may be in your area. Persicaria perfoliata — commonly know as MAM (Mile-A-Minute) vine — can grow more than 6 meters long over a season.

The University of Connecticut Horticultural Extension Service started using biological control agents. This can be effective, but they brought weevils to our neighborhood. It still spreads.

It has triangular leaves. Its stem, petioles (leaf stalks) and leaf veins are covered with small, backward-facing recurved prickles. A “ tear thumb” plant, it is easy to pull out, including the roots. Gloves are necessary, as it is very prickly.

Gardeners pull it when they see it. The weevils are hard at work, but deer eat MAM and disperse the seeds. Please spread the word about the simple fix for this non-native plant’s mile-a-minute spread: Anyone can pull it out.


Speaking of eating plants: “Westport … Naturally” travels to Baron’s South today. Cathy Walsh spotted this buck and his 2 young offspring the other day. They were relaxing, after feasting on wineberries.

(Photo/Catherine Walsh)


And finally … on this day in 1955, Walt Disney officially opened Disneyland, in Anaheim, California.


One response to “Roundup: Main Street Patio, Duck Raffle, Remarkable, Invasive Plants …

  1. Elizabeth Thibault

    Thank you for the info on this vine! I’ve been fighting this one as it climbs on my gutter for the last few years, and despite pulling it out at the roots, it returns EVERY YEAR! It’s pretty tenacious.