Remarkable! Talbots Becomes “Local To Market”

After standing vacant for more than a decade, one of the most valuable retail properties in town reopens soon.

The old Talbots — and, before that, Remarkable Book Shop — at the corner of Main Street and Parker Harding Plaza is well positioned. Since GG & Joe opened behind it last year, there’s been an increase in foot traffic. The opening of Cold Fusion across the street will add more.

Local To Market should be another destination for food lovers.

After working with small start-up and emerging Connecticut-based food and beverage companies who needed a retail store to help bring their products to market, Chris Marcocci conceived of Local To Market.

It will carry local food and beverage products and fresh produce, plus an assortment of locally manufactured non-food and craft artisan items.

Formerly Talbots, and Remarkable Book Shop. Soon: Local To Market.

Local To Market’s mission is to create a community of consumers and producers, all giving back part of the proceeds to Connecticut charities.

“Getting your food as close to the source as possible is eating well,” Marcocci says.

“This is all about being a community, supporting local small businesses and businesses providing locally produced products to neighbors, friends, family and consumers who know the importance of local.”

Local To Market is in the buildout and permitting process. They hope for a July opening.

The building — dating to the 18th century — was once a private home, with a wharf on the Saugatuck River.

9 responses to “Remarkable! Talbots Becomes “Local To Market”

  1. Jack Backiel

    When a piece of property like that stays vacant for over ten years, something is very wrong!

  2. Celeste Champagne

    Just to be clear, the current Talbots still stands next to this area which has not been part of their store for a decade. Glad to see it being given new life.

  3. Ciara Webster

    This is so exciting. What a great concept too.
    Warm welcome to Main Street.

  4. Elina Lublinsky

    I love this!

  5. Dermot Meuchner

    5$ tomato’s.

  6. This sounds like good news in the downtown revitalization. I loved Remarkable & have the best memories of that quirky, quaint, cool shop! I never knew the building was formerly a private home w/a wharf on the Saugatuck & am really intrigued! Do any photos, sketches or paintings exist of the building from that time period?

  7. Chip Stephens

    Looks like the owner got sick of taking the tax loss Jack I think the skeleton of the Remarkable has been empty longer than a decade

  8. Kelly Emmert

    Cold Fusion looks forward to being neighbors with Local To Market!

  9. Jack Backiel

    Chip, Good point. Actually, a “Remarkable” point!