Roundup: Bat Girl, Henry Wynne, Mental Health …


Some things are worth waiting for.

For Gwen Goldman McLoughlin — the Westporter who waited 60 years to be a New York Yankees bat girl — last night was a long-deferred dream come true.

The festivities began even before the game. Tina Cervasio, Channel 5 sportscaster, tweeted this photo of a delighted Gwen, ready to play ball. (Hat tip: Fred Cantor)


After a 5-hour delay Sunday night — caused by 111-degree heat in Eugene, Oregon — Henry Wynne battled for a spot on the US Olympic track and field team.

The Staples High School Class of 2013 graduate had to finish 3rd in the 1500-meter finals.

Running outside for much of the race, he surged to a 3:37.70 finish. But that was good only for 5th.

Since 2016, Wynne — one of the greatest runners in Connecticut history — has s suffered a knee injury, pneumonia, and surgery on his small intestine. He’s persevered through it all — and COVID — yet came up just short Sunday night.

Henry Wynne, in an indoor race for Staples High. (Photo courtesy of MSG Varsity)


Tomorrow (Wednesday, June 30, 7 p.m., Westport Library), Silver Hill Hospital’s president and medical director Dr. Andrew Gerber and other experts will present a workshop to help parents learn how to talk with and support children as they try to understand tragedies.

The program is a joint effort of Westport’s Department of Human Services, the Westport Public Schools, Westport Together, and the Westport Prevention Coalition, in partnership with the Library. Click here to register to attend in person. Click here for the livestream link.


Connecticut’s Superior Court holds remote hearings o 2 proposed settlements, between Westport’s Planning & Zoning Commission and developers. These could be the final steps on the road toward construction.

The 157-unit Hiawatha Lane settlement will be discussed on July 19 (10:30 a.m.). The 68-unit Lincoln Street settlement is set for the same day, at 2:30 p.m.

Anyone interested in listening to or participating in the hearing should email, or call 860-548-2851 for instructions.


Wondering about electrical vehicle incentives and free charging opportunities?

The EV Club of Connecticut has the answers. They’ll provide them during a free virtual webinar: (July 27, 7 p.m.).

The program is co-sponsored by the Town of Westport, and Sustainable Westport. Click here to register, and for more information.

Electric vehicles lined up by the Staples charging stations (from left): Chevy Bolt, Tesla S, VW, Tesla X, Nissan Leafes,


Today’s “Westport … Naturally” photo is black-and-white — in color:

(Photo/Jamie Walsh)


And finally … today in 2007, Apple released its first iPhone. The world has never been the same.


13 responses to “Roundup: Bat Girl, Henry Wynne, Mental Health …

  1. Jack Backiel

    WJZ, in Baltimore, just had a segment on Gwen with a picture of her. That is such an awesome story! That was the year Roger Maris hit 61 home runs too. I remember that season well. I paid $10.50 for a World Series ticket (below). You can’t buy a hot dog and beer for that price now.

    • Jack: First game of the ‘61 series was Oct 4– a school day. Did Principal Joe Koehler ever find out you skipped Long Lots Jr High that day?

      • Peter Gambaccini

        I don’t think Koehler was principal until a couple of years later. Wasn’t it still Dr. Robert Lane?

    • Fred Cantor

      Jack, if you factor in inflation, yes, you could buy beers and hot dogs for the equivalent amount of money today. Having said that, a World Series ticket at Yankee Stadium today would undoubtedly cost more in comparable dollars.

      I paid $5.75 in 1973 for a Knicks ticket to the NBA Finals against the Lakers, which is the equivalent of roughly $35 today. I was in the least expensive section—the Blues—but I highly doubt that, if the Knicks were to reach the NBA Finals next year, any seats would be available at a price even close to that.

  2. Elaine Marino

    I watched the Men’s 1500m Olympic Trial final on Sunday night and found myself cheering out loud for Henry. I recall the 06880 article where his mother stated that he didnt start running until high school, if I remember correctly. What an athlete! It was heartbreaking to see him miss making the Olympic team by mere seconds:

  3. Katherine Grijns

    Never thought as a Red Sox fan I could love a story about the Yankees, but I love this one! Gwen worked with our daughter at Stepping Stones Preschool here in Westport and she is a true hero to my family and so many others. She held our hands when we learned our daughter would receive an autism spectrum designation and answered all of our questions during those confusing and sometimes scary early times. She was always there for us and provided us with unwavering support. So I am overjoyed that Gwen finally got to experience her dream!! All our love and gratitude always!! Except go Red Sox. 🙂

  4. Susan Iseman

    Love the AAPL song! We lived in the city in 2007 and waited in line on 86th Street in Manhattan and got ours that day!

  5. Rosemary Milligan

    About the 111 degree heat herein Eugene, or on Sunday night: It was 115 on Saturday and Sunday – broke all records, normal temp. here in June is 75 degrees. Words cannot describe it – thank heavens I have air conditioning, so many people do not but guess they will be getting it!

  6. Jack Backiel

    Rosemary, I was talking to a buddy of mine this afternoon in Palm Beach and he said it was 84, but felt more like 79. It is a little odd that Oregon is 30 degrees warmer than Palm Beach, Florida. By the way, CNBC had a long segment on Gwen.

  7. Hilary Nordholm

    I cannot imagine anyone more worthy or deserving than Gwen Goldman for the long-awaited fulfillment of this dream!! Our son attended Stepping Stones, and she was instrumental in both helping him, and us as parents– in so many ways. She helped guide us through some very difficult times, all with patience, kindness and zero judgement. The impact of how she helped us and what she taught us has manifested in our son’s growth and success today and we are so grateful. We cannot begin to express our gratitude to her, and the joy we felt in seeing this story!

  8. Jack Backiel

    Bob, Every time I hear the name Mr Koehler, I think about all the time I spent in his office. But seriously, I remember the 1961 season like it was yesterday. Mantle had 54 homers and Maris had 61.

  9. Jack Backiel

    Bob, I just realized that we started high school in September 1961, so the game was played after we left Long Lots. I didn’t have to face Mr. Koehler!

  10. Jack Backiel

    Fred, From 1971 to about 1976, I was a huge Knicks fan. I met Frazier, Bradley, Lucas, Earl ‘the Pearl’ Monroe, and a few more. I used to drive to a game, which ended around 10:00 pm, and then go to one of the local bars where some of the players showed up around 11:00, and have drinks with them. I’d get home at 2:00 am, go to sleep, and then be up at 6:00 to go teach.