Pic Of The Day #1527

Close encounter of the bear kind: This was the scene on Big Pines Road today, off Weston Road right by Merritt Parkway southbound Exit 42. Homeowners Denny Galindo and Brigitte Cook just moved here in September. Quite a welcome! See below for the full bear-in-Westport story. (Photo/Denny Galindo)

A couple of weeks after a bear ambled through Westport, we’ve got more sightings.

Yesterday brought multiple sightings of a bear in the northern part of town. First, Westport Police officers and the animal control officer responded to a home on Highland Road, off Bayberry Lane. The bear went to a second home on the same road, and reportedly put his paw on an individual who was outside gardening. The bear did not act aggressively, and there were no injuries.

The animal ended up on Warnock Drive, off Easton Road, where it entered an unoccupied sun porch. By the time the animal control officer arrived, the bear had left the sunroom and was sitting in the yard.

The state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection responded, and assisted with monitoring the bear’s activities. It was last seen heading west towards Weston.

Peter Reid, Westport’s assistant animal control officer, notes the bear was acting normally and not behaving aggressively. He warns against getting too close to photograph or record it though, as that may make it feel cornered or trapped.

At this time, there is no indication that the bear poses a threat to the community, but common-sense precautions should be taken. It is a good idea to take down bird feeders for the summer, as bears are attracted to them. Grills and outdoor dining tables should be cleaned with a diluted bleach solution after each use, as the smell of the food also attracts bears.

Bear sightings can be reported to Westport Animal Control at 203-341-5076, or reported to DEEP via this link.

6 responses to “Pic Of The Day #1527

  1. Bobbie Herman

    Why was the bear tagged? Did he (or she) escape from a sanctuary?

  2. I was also going to say…it makes me feel sad seeing this poor bear just trying to go about it’s day with two pink tags in its ears.

  3. Andy Bangser

    I left my computer on the porch and today a gallon of honey arrived from Amazon. You don’t suppose ….?

  4. Elaine Marino

    From a New Canaanite article dated June 18:

    “The head of the New Canaan Police Department’s Animal Control section is urging residents to be vigilant of a black bear that’s been seen killing and eating newborn fawns in the northern part of town this week.

    Though the bear marked with orange tags no. 211 hasn’t caused real trouble for people yet, ‘we really need to discourage people from stopping and photographing him,’ according to Animal Control Officer Allyson Halm.

    Residents if they encounter the bear instead of capturing images of the animal should ‘haze him, throw things at him, anything, otherwise he will get himself in trouble,’ Halm said.

    [Then on] Friday morning, a resident on Lost District Drive phoned police to say they had spotted the bear on their property and that when the individual moved to take a video of the animal, it charged them, according to Halm.“


  5. Leave out a pot of hunny and a pick-a-nick basket.