Burying Hill Is Sound

The 2021 Long Island Sound Beach Report was released this morning.  According to Save the Sound, 79% of the more than 200 Long Island Sound beaches earned “A” or “B” grades for water quality last year.

And there — listed in the Top 10 public beaches in Connecticut, based on water quality — is Westport’s own Burying Hill.

It and Stamford’s Quigley Beach were the only Fairfield County spots on the list.

Water quality at Burying Hill Beach is excellent. (Photo/Lynn Untermeyer Miller)

Key findings of Save the Sound’s 2021 Long Island Sound Beach Report include:

  • That still leaves 16% of Sound beaches with moderate to poor grades. meaning more work must be done to improve water quality and avoid beach closures.
  • Rain is the primary driver for water pollution at area beaches. Water quality failure rates doubled when it rained, even 48 hours later.
  • Rain causes water quality failure for several reasons, including stormwater runoff or sewer line overflow when communities depend on combined stormwater/sewer lines, or have aging sewer lines with undetected leaks.
  • Climate change will mean more rain for the region. It is crucial to invest in stormwater and sewage infrastructure to avoid more beach closures.

Click here for Save the Sound’s interactive maps, listing beach water quality. The full Beach Report can be downloaded from there too.

4 responses to “Burying Hill Is Sound

  1. Matthew Mandell

    Earthplace’s Harbor Watch has a lot to do with better water quality. Each year they monitor a number of rivers in the area looking for abnormalities, often caused by broken sewer pipes and untreated runoff. With them on the job the oyster beds are cleaner and so are our beaches.


    Please consider donating every dollar helps.

  2. Monica K Buesser

    Trees capture storm water runoff. Stop the clear cutting.

  3. Scott Brodie

    Water quality excellent — sand quality not so much??

  4. Jeanine Esposito

    Glad to see Compo and Sherwood also received A+ rating