Hundreds Rally Against Anti-Semitism

Over the past year, Jesup Green has been the meeting place for social justice rallies.

Black Lives Matter and Asian American/Pacific Islander rallies have brought hundreds of people — in those groups, and allies — together to denounce hatred and violence.

Last night, over 300 people — of all faiths, and none — gathered to denounce antisemitism.

Rabbis spoke — and so did other religious leaders, politicians and Westporters. Speakers described incidents around the world, and much closer to home.

The message of solidarity with victims of antisemitism, and the desire for peace in Israel and the Middle East, was strong.

A sense of purpose mixed with feelings of sorrow. Once again, a large crowd united against hate realized: There is so much work to be done.


Rabbi Shira Sklar of Temple Shalom — a Staples High School graduate — spoke. (Photo/Darcy Hicks)

Also speaking: Kanwar Singh, a member of the Norwalk Sikh temple. (Photo/Darcy Hicks)

(Photo/Darcy Hicks)

1st Selectman Jim Marpe speaks. (Photo/







6 responses to “Hundreds Rally Against Anti-Semitism

  1. Jack Backiel

    I wish I could have been there. Once a Westporter, always a Westporter.

  2. Diana Bell

    I felt grateful to be there. It was peaceful, moving and inclusive.

  3. Frannie Southworth

    Grateful to go with my husband Jeff and my friend Wendy. It’s a great start. The people and clergy who spoke were wonderful with speeches touching on some of The unfortunate events taking place, but kept the focus on unity, strength, hope, inclusivity and love. I’d love to see these rallies spread like the indivisible group did where we have these all over the country to raise awareness. It was a fabulous start!!!! Bravo Westport. So grateful to live here for so many years!!!!!💜💜💜

  4. Pegeen Gaherin

    I think it is more about Israel’s human rights abuses towards the Palestinians.

    I am praying BiBi will be replaced….

    All Lives Matter

    Pegeen Gaherin

  5. Dermot Meuchner

    Palestinian’s are semites too.

  6. Jack Backiel

    Just so my last comment doesn’t look out of place, there’s no more comment by “Concerned.” Of course the person could post it again using his or her real name.