RTM: Straightforward Meeting Last Night; Controversy Ahead

This is Peter Gold’s report on the June Representative Town Meeting. He is an RTM member writing for himself, not in an official capacity.

The regular June RTM meeting dealt with 2 noncontroversial items. A third item, dealing with police and fire pensions, was withdrawn and will be considered at a subsequent RTM meeting.

Andrew Wilk and Jeremy Price were reappointed to 4-year terms as trustees of the Westport Library. Price is currently vice president of the board of trustees, while Wilk is responsible for sourcing and producing many of the Library’s cultural events.

The RTM unanimously certified Homes with Hope and the Westport Country Playhouse as organizations eligible to receive grants under Connecticut’s Neighborhood Assistance Act Tax Credit Program. corporations can make grants to eligible not-for-profit organizations in lieu of paying a portion of their corporate income taxes. No town funds are involved with the grants.

The maximum amount any organization can receive is $125,000. The Playhouse hopes to receive $14,210 to upgrade its parking lot with LED lights, and $10,500 to acquire assisted listening devices for the theater.  Homes With Hope is asking for $24,340 for roof replacement at the Bacharach Community housing

In addition to the regular monthly June meeting, the RTM will also meet next Tuesday (June 8) to consider overturning the Planning and Zoning Commission’s decision to permit a 157-unit housing development, including 47 affordable units, at Hiawatha Lane.

The P&Z approved the development as part of a settlement of a lawsuit seeking to overturn its earlier denial of the project and revoke the town’s moratorium from the affordable housing requirements under Connecticut statute 8-30g. A two-thirds vote of the entire RTM (24 votes), is needed to overturn the P & Z’s decision.

2 responses to “RTM: Straightforward Meeting Last Night; Controversy Ahead

  1. Donald Bergmann

    Thanks to Peter Gold and 06880 for this item. We can watch meetings, listen and watch after and, I think starting soon, attend in person. Nevertheless, Peter’s input is also valuable. Peter is also a fine member of the RTM, having served diligently and well for many terms.

    Don Bergmann

  2. Cheryl McKenna

    It’s so nice to have an RTM member report on this months meetings. Thank you Dan for posting and of course to Mr. Gold for reporting.
    May we also have the districts RTM members so we the public can tell them how we feel about the Hiawatha Lane project . I’m not sure our citizenship knows who their representatives are . Without a free town newspaper like the Minuteman …it seems information is hard to come by. Only 06880 is there for us now. I am district 9 and luckily I know who my RTM members.
    Please contact yours if you want them to know your thoughts on this or other matters.