Photo Challenge #335

Who knew there were so many culverts in Westport?

A couple of weeks ago, John Kantor took “06880” readers on a tour of the secret — well, well-hidden — passages that allow kayakers and canoeists to travel from Sherwood Mill Pond to beyond Burying Hill Beach without even a portage.

Susan Iseman’s Photo Challenge last Sunday showed 2 more culverts. (Which raises the question: Why are they always side by side?)

Wrong guesses included Nash’s Pond, Sasco Creek, Deadman Brook and Otter Trail.

The correct answer: Willowbrook Cemetery. The culverts are on the south end of the graveyard, at Carriage Lane. You can see them from Main Street, (You can also see them by clicking here.)

Andrew Colabella and Alfred Herman correctly identified the site of the culverts. They’re one more reason — beside the beautiful Daffodil Mile every spring — to slow down as you pass by this beautiful, and historic, cemetery.

This week’s Photo Challenge also brings to mind Westporters who have passed — those who gave their lives for our country.

They’ll be honored tomorrow, after the Memorial Day parade, at Veterans Green. It’s well worth watching.

Meanwhile, where in Westport would you find this memorial?

NOTE: It is not at Veterans Green.

(Photo/Scott Bennewitz)


6 responses to “Photo Challenge #335

  1. Wendy Crowther

    Is it the newly renovated area that is in the triangle where the Post Road and Long Lots Rd meet (where Shearwater Coffee is located)?

  2. Joyce Barnhart

    On the traffic island on the Post Road, where the Dough Boy statue used to be, across from where The Clam Box used to be? (To find it with those directions you’d have to have lived in Westport a long time.)

  3. Michael Calise

    At the traffic island on Post Road East where the Doughboy Statue once was

  4. Wendy is closest. The plaque is in that newly renovated area just west of Shearwater Coffee and One River Art, where Long Lots Road feeds into the Post Road. The Doughboy statue was originally located in the Post Road median, directly opposite Shearwater (former site of the Clam Box restaurant, as Joyce noted) — later Bertucci’s. She and Michael remember the Doughboy (now at Veterans Green, across from Town Hall), but the plaque is a few yards away.

  5. Glen Cummings

    I remember playing TAPS at the Doughboy statue memorial on Veterans day and Memorial day in 1966 & 1967

  6. Kathie Bennewitz

    Alos, I have always been surprised that there is no Civil War monument in town, or reference and tribute to those veterans from Westport who fought for the Union and with the US Army. Any ideas why not?