Unsung Heroes #192

Heroes come in many forms. Some of them are larger than life. Some do dramatic things. Others do their thing behind the scenes, invisible to most. They may not change lives. But to the people they impact, their work is huge.

Today, Pat Blaufuss singles out some of her heroes:

The members of the Westport Country Playhouse box office staff have been real troupers. In the past year they have handled nearly 3,000 season ticket holders through postponements and revisions, ticket exchanges, credits and refunds, on-demand access orientation and more. They are the front lines of what we do.

In March 2020, the start of the season was postponed from April until July, with fewer productions. All season ticket holders had to be contacted, and their season packages adjusted accordingly.

In April, Playhouse management realized that postponing until July 2020 was unrealistic. The pandemic made a season impossible. It was postponed until 2021.

Box office staff again contacted all patrons. Some donated their 2020 season tickets. For other patrons, the box office processed credits for 2021 or refunds.

The box office staff were furloughed for the second half of 2020. Some returned late in the year; others in early 2021.

From left: Jake Krasniewicz, Josh Sinclair, Selena Dillon. (Photo/Beth Huisking) 

With the pandemic continuing into 2021, and following guidelines from theater artists’ unions, the state and the science, the 2021 season plan was revised as an online experience. The box office staff again reached out to all patrons, converting their tickets into on-demand virtual access or credits for the 2022 season.

Since transitioning to a virtual season, the box office staff has worked with patrons to make sure they are able to access the 2021 season digital content.

No one outside the Playhouse office sees what they do. To Pat Blaufuss, they are heroes.

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