Hillspoint Road Work: Help Is On The Way

Alert “06880” reader, RTM District 4 representative and frustrated driver Andrew Colabella writes:

The condition of Hillspoint Road left by Aquarion was subpar. Dipping and diving while driving along the roadway, I thought that after digging up the entire road, they would come back and either repave what they had previously dug up to be smoother, or mill the entire road or lane.

The last 2 weeks, only certain areas were dug up and repaved.

Hillspoint Road has looked like this for a while …

Hal Kravitz, Chris Tait, Robin Tauck, Jenny McGuinness, myself and many other members of the public were deeply upset. Even 1st Selectman Jim Marpe and Director of Public Works Peter Ratkiewich were displeased by the work.

However, good news came in a letter from Peter Ratkiewich. He wrote:

Due to the condition of the asphalt, Mr. Marpe has authorized me to place a sacrificial cover of pavement, about 1” thick, over the entire road to make it acceptable for the summer. This will buy us some time and make the walking surfaces safe for the summer months.

We will do this from Compo Road South to Lamplight Lane, which is the worst of the worst. This takes away the Optimum problem too, as they can install their trench any time (it’s only for a couple of services, not the whole length like the water line).

We will use FGB Construction to do the work. They will try to get started next Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest. The work should only take 2 days or so, then everyone should be out of there.

We will eventually end up milling this up and putting down a full 2 inch mat, but the temporary pavement could possibly give me a one year window so that I might be able to fix the sidewalk too.

… and this. (Photos/Andrew Colabella)

This is a road many of us drive every day. I want to thank everyone who spoke out and politely objected to the current condition of the road.

The importance of speaking up when there is an issue or question should always be addressed with haste, and no hesitation.

Residents who live in town and have issues with primary or secondary roads can call Town Hall: 203-341-1000.

If there’s a pothole, damaged curb from a snowplow, dead animal or issues with town infrastructure, email publicworks@westportct.gov or call 203-341-1120.

Also, never hesitate to reach out to your RTM representative about any town issues. We are all here to help you.

Here’s to a smoother future, as we come out of hibernation from the pandemic.

9 responses to “Hillspoint Road Work: Help Is On The Way

  1. John Richers

    Even if only a temporary fix, an immediate and complete resurfacing is music to my ears! The area north of Lamplight Lane is no picnic, but the most critical area is from South Compo to Lamplight. Bravo!
    Just to speak up politely on proximate issue, the road surface on the Hills Point Road overpass of I95 is also abominable. I hope that stretch may be considered for remediation along with the stretch north of Lamplight!
    Thanks for listening, hearing and acting!!

  2. This happens every time underground trenching is done by any of the utility companies. The current technology for patching over utility cuts just doesn’t work. Why don’t the utilities time their projects to coincide with the periodic road re-pavings? Better still, they should offer property owners a discount for doing their gas, water and sewer hookups, and underground-ing of electric lines, when it’s timed with that same project.

  3. Susan Iseman

    I realize Route 1 is a “state road” but the stretch from Wilton Road into town is horrible. Considering downtown is one of the attractions of Westport, its condition is shameful for vehicles and pedestrians.

  4. Terry Brannigan

    Bam! I

    n the words of Mak Twain, never mess with a guy who buys pen ink by the barrel! Well done Dan.

    IMO, temp fixes are always a last resosrt, but desperate ties call for desperate measures and this is one!

    I’ve watched these projects in westport for 60 years. The two best I have seen are who ever paved the intersection between Hillspoint Rd and Rosevelt. (I still expect to feel the gravity from the dip that used to be there when you crossed the Post Rd heading up the hill by Big Top!). AND the amazing sidewalks that they put on North Ave.

    Those should be our go to contractors!

    Time to dust off the bikes and ride to the beach agaon

  5. Lnda Montecalvo

    Last year work was done putting new pipes below ground on Riverside Avenuefor what amounts to half of that road. The road still has not been repaired & has huge holes & unevenness. In fact, I believe the work was done before the pandemic so it’s been quite some time. It’s unclear to me if its the job of the utility doing the work or the Town to repair after this type of work is completed.

  6. Stacy Prince

    I’m surprised the folks on Clinton haven’t complained. But I’m delighted to hear there’s a fix for the Hillspoint drivers. Uneven pavement like that will wreak havoc on one’s car as well as one’s sanity!

  7. Fred Roberts

    Why am I paying for the water company’s, sub contractor’s poor work? They should be held accountable to a standard by the town’s public works department. They have to post a bond that is meant to cover repairs and deficiencies. Can someone confirm that the town pulled their bond to cover this? If not, can someone please explain why tax payers have to fund their problem? Can the company installing the water line be placed on a black list to prohibit them from obtaining a street opening permit that allows them to dog into the roads?

    Also, why is the town digging up the freshly paved section of main street from Myrtle Ave to Avery Pl for a sewer line when the rest of the street is horrible ever since the side walks were redone almost 10 years ago? The town didn’t know it was replacing its own sewer line when they decided to pave it recently? Does no one talked to each other in DPW?

    I’d like some answers.

  8. Dermot Meuchner

    I live on Half Mile Common and this looks twice as good as our street. The roads off Cross Hwy. are a disaster.

  9. Nick Thompson

    The intersection at Elvira’s is dangerous, is there any plan to install a side walk on both sides of the street?