Roundup: Christian Siriano, Hall & Oates, Joan Isaacson …


“Antiques Roadshow” took its show on the road recently — to Westport.

The popular PBS series visited Christian Siriano in his New York showroom, then traveled to his Westport home.

His couch, chairs and brass palm tree were appraised by David Rago, and Siriano talked about his quiet suburban digs. He called his home his “sanctuary.”

Click here for the full episode. (Hat tip: Seth VanBeever)

David Rago and Christian Soriano, in the designer’s Westport home.


Les Dinkin sent along this image (below) of Hall & Oates’ 2021 tour dates.

“Don’t see Westport on the list :)” he says.

Don’t get the joke? Click here.


Longtime Westporter Joan Isaacson is a wife, mother, grandmother, world traveler and passionate cook. She was born in Naples, Italy, and migrated to New Jersey when she was 8 years old.

She rediscovered her love of writing after retirement. Now she’s a published — and debut — author.

“The Red Velvet Diary” is fiction — based on real life — told in the voices of 3 women. Her grandmother Maria, the daughter of a rabbi, goes to Greece as a young girl and is given a new identity. She takes the reader from her childhood home in Turkey to a girls’ school run by nuns in Athens, where a priest twice her age asks for her hand in marriage.

Isaacson’s mother Lula, Maria’s daughter, comes of age as she lives through World War II in war-ravaged Athens during the Axis occupation. She falls in love with an Italian sailor who is occupying her city. Her journey takes her to Italy and eventually to America, where the author’s story begins.

She studied at Rutgers University, married her high school sweetheart, and together they raised 3 daughters. Isaacson was a stay-at-home mom for several years. When she returned to the workforce she started and managed an international relocation company. She also served on boards for local charities, and remains an avid volunteer.

Isaacson hopes to finish her next book by the end of the year. Click here for a video interview with her, about her first one. Click here for more information, and to purchase “The Red Velvet Diary.”


This week’s “Friday Flowers” arrangement graces the Westport Library. Each week, the Westport Garden Club decorates another public space.


Speaking of the Library:

They’re holding a book sale Memorial Day weekend: Friday, May 28 (9 a.m. to 6 p.m.); Saturday, May 29 (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.), and Sunday, May 30 (noon to 5 p.m. — half-price day).

There are thousands of gently used books in dozens of categories: non-fiction and fiction, for adults and children, as well as antiquarian books, CDs, audio books and DVDs. (Vinyl is available at the Westport Book Shop, across Jesup Green.) Click here for more information.


And finally … today in 1934, bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde were ambushed by police and killed in Bienville Parish, Louisiana.


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  1. Jill Turner Odice

    Just like Hall and Oates, the video is unavailable…

  2. Michael Isaacs

    Hall & Oates should be the opener for Squeeze, not vice versa.

  3. Kelle Ruden

    #fridayflowers at The Westport Library…The lovely planters on the cafe deck await visitors with Lavender and Lantana (they smell and look better in person!). Thank you to the Library folks who welcomed The Westport Garden Club for our Plant Sale on Jesup Green last week! And thank you Dan for highlighting!