“06880, The Podcast”: Rosie Jon

My goal with “06880: The Podcast” is the same as with “06880,” the blog: shine a light on some of the most interesting Westporters I know.

Rosie Jon tops the list. Born without arms, she is an amazing artist. Multi-racial, she’s a strong voice for Asian Americans.

Rosie is a role model for us all. In our podcast, we chatted about many things: her art. Her advocacy for people with disabilities, and the AAPI community. Her life as a Westport mom.

It was a fascinating half hour, on the Westport Library stage. Click here, then click on my photo on the right to meet our amazing neighbor.

Screenshot of Rosie Jon, during the “06880” podcast.

7 responses to ““06880, The Podcast”: Rosie Jon

  1. Caryl Beatus


  2. Sivan Hong

    Rosie is just amazing!!! So glad you interviewed her.

  3. Angela DeRose

    A wonderful person all around. You couldn’t have selected a better guest.

  4. Amy Herrera

    I love that you interviewed Rosie! She is such a beautiful human — so full of goodness. Thank you for shining a spotlight on her gentle loving spirit that is so tremendously powerful. Rosie, you are a gift to the world.

  5. Go Rosie!!!!!

  6. Mary Sikorski

    Rosie is such a special person. I consider myself so lucky to have the honor of her friendship. She is a wonderful mother to her 3 beautiful children and has the most positive and joyful spirit.

  7. Marguerite (Bunny) Franco

    What an incredible person, Rosie! Fantastic interview & one that shows how “positivity” truly can add/help anyone. She has a beautiful face & persona.