Roundup: CPR & EMT Classes, Great Horned Owls, I-95 …


Non-COVID health emergencies don’t take a break during a pandemic. Unfortunately, Westport Volunteer Emergency Medical Services had to.

Not responding quickly, professionally and compassionately, of course. Their service never wavered. But they did have to pause their public education.

Now, with threats lessening, WVEMS is cleared to resume reduced-capacity classes at their Police headquarters facility. CPR/First Aid and Stop the Bleed courses begin this month. EMT certification is set for the fall.

All classes have limited capacity. For more information, click here.


“Who” did Tina Green see at Longshore yesterday?

Not one but three great horned owls. They look properly wise.

(Photo/Tina Green)


Construction of the I-95 overpass at Beachside Avenue is cruising along. (As opposed to, say, the Kings Highway Bridge replacement near Canal Street — a far less complicated project).

Here’s yesterday’s view:

(Photo/Tom Lowrie)


And finally … today is Donovan’s 75th birthday. The Scottish singer-songwriter was often compared — unfairly — to Bob Dylan.

He had his share of pretentious clunkers (just like Dylan!). But much of his music stands the test of time.

4 responses to “Roundup: CPR & EMT Classes, Great Horned Owls, I-95 …

  1. That photograph of the owls is too wonderful for words – my deepest thanks to Tina Green for spotting them (I know she’s a well-regarded local birder) and sharing them with us! Made my morning…

  2. Amy Schneider

    I love the photo of the owls!! Wow! Thank you Tina.

  3. Jeff Jacobs

    Yes, your taste in music – like all of your artistic preferences – is individual as well as well-informed. But it’s difficult for me to see a photo of Donovan Leitch without a tribute to his greatest hit, “Sunshine Superman” (which literally initiated the psychedelic revolution).