Photo Challenge #332

In the past decade, most newspapers have moved online. Whether it’s the New York Times or the Westport News, many folks find what they’re looking for with a click of the mouse, not the rustle of a page.

That’s particularly true for USA Today, which I always think of as given out exclusively to hotel guests and airline passengers (back in the day when both businesses handed out freebies).

But apparently, once upon a time, people bought USA Today from machines. Those machines are still around, even if it’s been years since they were used.

Apparently too — judging by last week’s Photo Challenge — at least 2 of those dinosaur relics are still around. (Click here to see.)

My photo was not taken at the Westport train station. Several readers thought it showed the kiosk on the New York-bound side.

Nope. My shot was of the one next to the post office, in Playhouse Square. As much as I’ve used the post office — and I live in the condos right behind it — I’d never actually “seen” that USA Today machine until a couple of weeks ago.

Nancy Engel and Doug Weber did, though. They were the only readers to answer correctly. They win a year’s subscription to USA Today.

Just kidding. They’ll have to stay in a hotel, or fly, to get that.

This week’s Photo Challenge comes from David Squires. If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/David Squires)


15 responses to “Photo Challenge #332

  1. Andrew Colabella

    That is the siren horn of a fire truck on the front bumper. Could be parked at one of four fire stations in town and there is a handful of fire apparatus vehicles in their fleet.

  2. Rich Stein

    That is the front of a Westport fire department vehicle if you mean garage you can see Saugatuck he could be the volunteer one over by Sherwood Island

  3. David Warburg

    Station 4

  4. John McCarthy

    Greens Farms station. You can see the kid from last week in the reflection.

  5. Celia Campbell-Mohn

    Fire truck

  6. Tomas Curwen

    That’s a beautiful Federal Q2b siren mounted on Engine 5 at Greens Farms. Absolutely love the pic!

  7. Tomas Curwen

    This is a beautiful Federal Q2B mechanical siren mounted on the bumper of Engine 5 at Greens Farms Station 5.

  8. Brandon Malin

    Federal Q-siren on Westport FD Engine 5

  9. Wendy Cusick

    That’s a Federal Q siren mounted on the firetrucks

  10. Once again: You guys are good. It is definitely the siren on a fire truck at the Greens Farms station. But how you know it’s a “Federal Q siren” — whatever that is — is beyond me. Well done!

    • Ray O'Sullivan

      I am going to guess someone Googled the Picture with the “F” on the speaker and google said it is from a Federal Q siren. JMO! ! !

      • Tomas knows everything about firefighting, Brandon is friendly with Tomas, and Wendy is not the kind of person to do that. I vouch for all 3 as legit responses, without googling!

      • Bill Strittmatter

        Didn’t know you could search a picture. Learned something today. Thanks.

        For what it is worth, when I did that, Google thought it was a subwoofer for a car. Bunch of images and links for those plus a link to Dan’s blog so probably not what they did.

  11. Wendy Cusick

    Hey, Ray Dan”s correct. I didn’t Google anything.
    I have been fascinated by firetrucks since I was a toddler along with planes, trains and automobiles**. I’m naturally curious about how fire apparatus works and fire department procedures.
    Fire Departments have a variety of apparatus or firetrucks.
    Engines, also called pumpers which pump water from fire hydrants or bodies of water (drafting), rescue trucks which are basically the rolling tool box, aerial ladder trucks there’s a variety of different kinds- stick, platform which can be mounted on the back or front, TDO or tiller which is a tractor drawn ladder with a driver on the back to steer and control the trailer end to maneuver into tight street areas or drift or do a rolling road block called crabbing. Aerial ladder trucks also have stabilizers to counter balance the weight as they extend the ladder (for people and water hoses).

    Federal is the name of the company that makes the registered trademarked ‘Q siren’.
    Here’s a link to the Federal website that makes these special and unique sirens that firefighters take great pride on having on their fire apparatus.
    Scroll down and look for 🔊 “Listen to Siren” 🔊
    Firefighters will call ‘The Q” the “sound of my people” and some departments have actaully installed train horns on their apparatus to enhance their presence along with “The Q”.
    Here’s a video of Westport’s Fire Engine responding from Headquarters with the “Q” and air horn
    🔊 🔊

    **I’m not referring to the late ’80s movie with John Candy and Steve Martin.

  12. Abby Tolan

    I am guessing its a siren at the firehouse. I guess this only because I could see the reflection of a uniformed firefighter, from there I deducted it was probably a siren.